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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Dan. I’m 44 years old. I started smoking 30 years ago. young and dumb I guess but it was cool back then. And it didn’t cost any nearly what it costs now for a single pack of smokes. $1.35 then now $7.86 or more. Many reasons to quit but so hard to find the way. I tried quitting 3 times. once for over 3 months…and the other times were just for a few weeks at a time. Now I’m 44 years old and have a 2 year old little boy. My pride and joy, my son. when i’m 60 he’ll be 18. I hope I quit smoking in time, to add more years of being his daddy. I also have Crohns Disease. Smoking increases stomache cancer. I got scared and had to find a way to quit smoking cigarettes…but I just didn’t have the will power. As hard as I tried I just couldn’t stop. like I said I’ve been smoking for 3/4 of my lifetime. A few friends of mine quit smoking and started Vaping. E-Cigs. I got excited and researched E-cigs. The next day I went to an E-cig shop. These E-Cig stores are much like a Caribu coffee shop or a T-Mobile store. The new way of life for smokers. Well I’m very proud to say I have not smoked a Marlboro light cigarette since the day I bought the E-Cig starter kit. Very simply the best and easiest way to quit smoking cigarettes PERIOD. I feel so much healthier and I can climb 5 flights of stairs no problem now…where as before I was unbelievably outta breath just after 3 flights of steps. Now i’m so looking forward to start Jogging and getting back into 5 and 10 marathons. E-Cigs have saved my life. And hopefully added many more years with my son. They taxed the livin crap on smokers. Now they’re complaining they’re not getting enough from the taxes they imosed on us…well HAHA WE QUIT SMOKING! Please do not ban E-Cigs. They are the best way to quit smoking.