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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Cynsonya and I WAS addicted to tobacco cigarettes for 24 years. When I was 14 years old I jumped into smoking with both feet. I went from just trying one to smoking a pack a day in a matter of weeks. I thought I was cool. Stupid child. When I was 15 I got bronchitis for the first time. It was what my physician called an extreme case. And still I smoked. I would have gotten bronchitis reguardless of being an avid smoker. I was obviously born with a propensity for lung issues. However, I am sure the smoking didn’t help. As the years passed I continued to get extreme cases of bronchitis twice a year. And still I smoked. When I was 25 I decided I would try to quit smoking. I was prescribed Welbutrin. I may as well have been taking vitamin C. It had absolutely no effect. I tried to go cold turkey and lasted 3 days before I felt like I was going crazy and bought a pack of cigarettes. And still I smoked. By the time I was 30 I had serious lung issues popping up. I was now perscribed an Albuteral rescue inhaler. Not labeled asthmatic but was now labeled chronic bronchitis. I would wake up in the middle of the night gasping for breath somtimes until I used my inhaler. By that point I was awake and would then smoke a cigarette after hitting the inhaler. Pathetic. I decided to try the patch. I went without smoking for 4 days and then started smoking one or two a day with he patch on. I quickly figured out that was not working and it was dangerous to smoke with the patch so I took it off. And still I smoked. This was a neverending cycle. Try to quit, fail, smoke. In October 2011 I became very ill. My bronchitis showed up as usual but this time it snowballed. I was in and out of the doctors office and then the emergency room as it turned into pneumonia. I had 5 rounds of antibiotics and nothing helped. This continued for about 5 months. I felt like I was drowning. And still I smoked. Finally in March 2012 I woke up to get ready for work one morning and I was coughing very hard. The next thing I knew I woke up in my bedroom floor. I had passed out from oxygen deprivation from coughing so hard. I broke my nightstand and a portable heater with my face when I fell on them. I decided to drive myself to the ER and it happened again while driving. Thank God I didn’t kill anyone. When I got to the hospital I was given more lung funtion tests, medication and now labeled an asthmatic with borderline copd. I was given a home nebulizer and told to use it every 4 hours. At 37 I was on a home breathing machine. And still I smoked. I realized I had been sick for almost 6 months now and refused to be chained to a breathing machine for the rest of my life. I found a new Physcian and made an appointment. The day I met Dr. Scott I was barely able to breath and smoking 2 packs a day. I told him I had been trying to quit smoking for going on 15 years. He asked me if I had ever considered an electronic cigarette. I knew it would not work for me because I would die a smoker. I researched it anyway while smoking a cigarette that afternoon. I received my electronic cigarette starter kit on April 24, 2012. I had a pack of cigarettes left and decided to smoke those that day and wake up the next morning with only the electronic. I have been tobacco/free smoke/free since that day. Almost 14 months later and I have not had even 1 single cigarette. I have only had 2 days that I even craved a cigarette, but with my ecig I was able to push that craving aside and carry on. This product is unbelievable. I truly believe with all my heart that ecigs saved my life. Dr. Scott was a Godsend. While all other physicians are spewing the rhetoric that has been handed to them he is out there saving lives anyway he can. I would like to add that today, 14 months later I am now medication free! No more wheezing or waking up gasping for breath. No more breathing machines and inhalers. My 1 year lung function test showed dramatic heaing happening in my lung tissue. And I no longer smoke. And never will again.