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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I am now a 60 year old man,living in Western Australia,and 4-5 months ago I was on holiday in the U.K.One day,I was walking through a shopping mall,when I noticed a young man smoking inside,this drew my attention,as I thought that smoking was prohibited inside of any public buildings over there.I went up to him and saw he was vaping,and was selling the digital cigarettes.He asked me to try one,and I must admit to being sceptical,but I took my first draw,and I was hooked on them.I went straight for my mastercard,bought all the required items and I was on my way.Apart from saving heaps of money,it has improved my health.I still can’t see to this day why all the Do-Gooders seem to be coming out of the woodwork,and seem to be making it difficult for us Vapers.Why don’t they do something really useful,like trying to get govt’s reduce all the traffic pollution that is forced into our lungs constantly, without our permission.There is a lot more danger from that,than there is from e-cigarettes ! Logically ,there must be a health benefit if there are no longer any tar based items being put into the air,or being ingested in our bodies.I really want to say to some of these people,get a life,but I also realise,unfortunately,they won’t go away,so we are going to have to be dealt with!Our main hope,I feel,is that the big tobacco companies will enter into the electronic cigarette field,and with their clout will even the playing field out in our favour!It does make you wonder just what we as taxpayers are getting for our money,when all these faceless experts can do is to try and make life more and more difficult for us,by trying to make new laws for us to abide by.Are they helping us,or hindering us!It is also interesting,I find,to see just what qualifications some of these experts have,even a doctor has no idea what can happen when just nicotine is used.It’s time everyone sat down,and honestly solved this problem!I for one,have been converted to Vaping,and will never go back to the evil weed.