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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked for 40 yrs and quit several times only to find myself gaining weight and stressed. I tried the e-cig I bought over the internet a few yrs. ago and I didn’t like it and put it down. Still wanting to quit, though I enjoy smoking, I was of a mindset that all e-cigs are the same and I will not like them. A friend just recently opened an E-Cig store with her husband and brought me over one of their e-cigs and juice for it to try. I was skeptical, really skeptical. And of everything else, it was flavored. Yikes! I don’t like flavored coffee, and I surely didn’t want a flavored cigarette. Ok – I gave it a try last Wednesday. I smoked 3 or 4 cigarettes that day and used the e-cig. I smoked 3 or 4 cigarettes the next day, which finished the opened pack I had. It’s been 5 days now and have not opened another pack of cigarettes. My 15 yr old is so happy, as well as my friends (and myself). I’m not going to kid you. It took a little adjustment as to how to hold the e-cig because of different style. Then I realized that when I tried to hold a real cigarette the way I hold the e-cig I didn’t like it. So, I realized it was just a learned behavior pattern I have formed over the years (called a habit). Once I realized that, I have not picked up another real cigarette. The stains on my fingers are gone, I don’t smell like a cigarette or old smoke, my family is truly happy with me. You don’t even have to smoke as long; just a few inhales and done. I’m sure it will help with my career also. I won’t have to worry about being caught outside having a cigarette one too many times during a work day. For me, I ask God to bless my friend who brought this to me to try. It has been a Godsend. People who don’t smoke or who have never smoked, don’t realize what smokers have to go thru. I feel freer and have not gained any weight. UPDATE: Since I first wrote this article, I had not had a cigarette till last evening. I hated it. Took about 2 puffs twice and put it out. I’m glad I tried it. Now I know I don’t want to go back to cigarettes.