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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking when I was 15 years old. This was back in the early 70s, when NOT smoking was the exception for teenagers as well as my parents’ generation. In fact, both my mother and father were long time smokers. Back then, smoking advertisements were on television, radio as well as in print media. When I began a career in banking, we were allowed to smoke right at the counter. By the time smoking was considered unhealthy and a negative behaviour, I was hooked. I tried to quit once, for about 2 weeks in my early 20s, and was utterly miserable. When I started up again, I had a pretty good idea that I wouldn’t be quitting again anytime soon. Unlike many people, I never seriously entertained the idea of giving up the habit. As time went on and family and friends began quitting one by one, I had a good look at myself and realized that, barring some miracle, I was almost surely going to be one of those people who smokes her entire life. I came to terms with the almost certain knowledge that my life expectancy would likely be shorter than if I gave it up. It’s noteworthy I think, that I have no shortage of willpower in other areas of my life, and I neither drink nor use drugs. I am successful in my career and my life. My father died from esophageal cancer when he was 65. My mother died at an even younger age of a heart attack. Both deaths were smoking related, yet neither of these losses gave me more than a moment of pause to seriously consider quitting. I wasn’t just addicted to the nicotine; I enjoyed everything about the habit – the hand/mouth interaction, the social aspect (until it became socially unacceptable), the taste, the sensation when I inhaled. I found it calming and something I could count on for pleasure no matter what else might be going on in my life. Even the ever increasing cost didn’t deter me. By the time the new millenium had begun, the cost of a pack of cigarettes was prohibitively high. No matter. I put up with the social discomfort, the burns, the bad smell on myself, my clothing and the house and didn’t pause even when my husband gave up the habit and began mentioning his dislike of smoke in our home. I have pets, whom I adore, and the sure knowledge that I was harming them as well didn’t deter me either – it just made me feel guiltier. The truth is, I was controlled by my habit and, even though I knew it, even with the ever increasing pressure from those around me, I was firm in my resolve that I wasn’t going to give it up. I just liked it too much and was too addicted. By the time I reached my late 40s, I was beginning to notice a change in my breathing. I told no one and tried to avoid thinking about it. This was the only time I ever honestly considered a life without smoking but not strongly enough to actually attempt to stop. When I was 55, I stumbled upon an article on electronic smoking devices. I researched all I could find, located a company who sold the equipment and placed an order. The package arrived. The first time I used an electronic cigarette marked the last time I smoked a regular cigarette. I went through a difficult 5 days – suffering with nausea, headache, dizziness, hot and cold spells and a general feeling of malaise. I stuck with it and, when I woke up on the 6th day, I felt like myself again. That was in February, 2013. It is now August of the same year and I haven’t had one regular cigarette in the entire 6 months. Nor will I. I always had a sense that, if a miracle ever DID happen and I was able to go for any reasonable length of time without smoking, nothing would persuade me to return to it. I did deal with cravings (they’ve since passed and I now use no nicotine in the vaping liquid) but at their worst they were quite manageable. There are many advantages to being an ex smoker. My sense of taste and smell (both passive and active) have improved noticeably. I didn’t even KNOW I could taste food the way I now do. I’m comfortable and relaxed in social situations again – no longer needing to go outside and feed the monster. I breathe easily and that continues to improve. And even after 6 months, one of my first thoughts in the morning is I don’t smoke!! I honestly never thought it would happen. One other point needs to be mentioned here. For all the happiness and good health I’m realizing as an ex smoker, I am very concerned that, were electronic vaping products made completely unavailable, (I’ll admit right now that I would break the law to get them if forced to do so) I would very likely return to the old, unhealthy way of satisfying my one vice. I find the possibility of that disconcerting and it is one of the main reasons I took the time to share my story here. There are many advantages and benefits realized by me, and other ex- smokers, as a result of the existence of electronic cigarettes and I am both appalled and concerned about the negative press given to these (literally) life saving products. I’ve made it my business to really learn about what goes into the liquid that is heated, vaporized and inhaled. Now that there is no nicotine in the liquids I use, there is simply no reason to be concerned about what is contained in them. Even for those who continue to use nicotine, the reduction of risk from electronic over analog cigarettes cannot be overstated. Here is a quote from just one of many peer reviewed scientific studies on electronic smoking devices: (From an indoor air quality study conducted by CHANGE, LLC at the Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY – October,2012.) – [This] study compared harmful byproducts commonly found in cigarette smoke versus the levels of those same compounds in several popular brands of vaporized e-cigarette liquid. Because e-cigarettes vaporize liquid rather than burning tobacco, most of the harmful compounds found in smoke were not present in e-cigarette vapor. Those few compounds that were found were at such minuscule levels that toxicology analysis detected no risk (cancer or non-cancer risk) to public health from environmental e-cigarette vapor. And here is an excerpt from Wikepedia: (I chose this one because I’m Canadian. There are many more to be found originating from virtually every country.) Health Canada has concerns that misuse could lead to nicotine poisoning. [Yet the] electronic systems appear to usually deliver less nicotine than smoking. Nevertheless, governments and mainstream media around the world are going out of their way to demonize the devices. Why? When I think about the dangers inherent in so many accepted products used and consumed, I can only think greed is playing a role. What would the tobacco industry do if the need for their product virtually disappeared? It’s just a question. Another one concerns the loss of tax revenue – perhaps I’m being too cynical? I just remind myself of the old saying it’s not paranoia if they really are after you.