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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking when I was 13 years old and am 31 now and I’m happy to say that after 18 years of smoking that I am now smoke free. After trying different things to help me quit and many fails and bad reactions to medicine that my doctor gave me to help me quit I was ready to give up the hope of living a smoke free life. But one day I saw an e-cig in my local drug store and asked about it , after getting what info I could from the sales person I went home and searched the web for info on e-cigs so I could better understand just what this thing was. So a few weeks later I stop at my local gas station and pick up a e-cig and give it a try ….. and I was surprised at the taste, it was ok. A few weeks had past and I was still using the e-cig but was still smoking off and on also , the problem I was having was the amount of vapor ( what some may think is smoke ) that the e-cig was putting out wasn’t enough to give the same filling as a real cig. So are trying a few other cheap gas/drug store brands I was about ready to give up again but I figured I would give it 1 more try with a different type of e-cig and I found a web site and placed an order for a starter kit. A few days later it shows up, after charging up the battery and fill the tank up with ejuice ( the first few e-cigs I tried where the small cig looking e-cigs , this starter kit was a tank style) and gave it a drag , HOLY COW it hit like a real cig and the vapor was the same amount as it was when I was smoking ( meaning the vapor cloud was the same as a cig smoke cloud ) with this new e-cig giving me that feeling of smoking I was charged about quiting again , no harmful 2nd hand smoking around my wife or kids , no more smelling like an ashtray as people say ( as a smoker I never could smell or taste what my wife smelled or tasted so I didn’t think nothing of it ) , no more yellow finger tips. So after a few days of none smoking ( yes I said a few days of NOT smoking ) I noticed that my since of smell was coming back ( odd to me because I never thought I lost it really , same went for my being able to taste thing) and a little later (meaning a day or so) my taste started to come back , food tasted better , smelled better life was really looking up and still is I haven’t smoked since and it’s been 2 months. Now I can truly say that real cigs do smell , my brother in law was a smoker ( notice I say was a smoker I showed him my e-cig and he has since stopped smoking also) and we were out in his yard talking and he asked if it would bother me if he smoked , I told him nah go ahead because since I got this e-cig I haven’t even thought about a real cig. Well he lite his cig up ….. and I thought I was going to be sick the smell was so nasty , as we stood there I told him WOW I never knew that real cigs smelled that bad. As we stood there talking I was thinking to my self .. I can’t believe I used to smoke , after smelling his cig ( oh yeah the smell was so bad to me I could taste it also , thats what really about made me sick ) I knew what my friends, family had to go through. If it wasn’t for an e-cig I would still be a smoker today and with cancer in my family I was dancing with death one could say , rolling those dice everytime I would lite one up and not just only me but others around me, that’s the great thing an e-cig doesn’t have anything to hurt me or my family. So as I finishing typing my story I would just like to stay god bless the man/woman that came up with the e-cig because of your dream and making it come true you’ve help me and my family’s dream come true , that being that I am now smoke free. So thank you. Hope my story will help someone else and maybe help give them that push and try to stop.