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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Brandon and I smoked cigarettes for almost ten years. In those ten years I tried quitting twice. The first time I tried quitting I went the cold turkey route which lasted about two weeks before I went back to smoking a pack a day. A few years later around 2011 I tried using nic-gum to quit. It seemed to work better than cold turkey but I kept having strong urges to smoke. After two weeks on gum I felt it wasn’t going to work so I went to chantix. While transitioning from gum to chantix I still did not smoke but I was growing very irriatable still wanting to smoke. Chantix seemed to help for another 2 weeks but people around me (friends, coworkers, and family) started commenting on strange mood swings I started having. I realized I had bouts of anger issues and everything seemed to irriatate me. I started talking to others who used chantix and while most did not share these similiar mood swings I did come across two friends who did say others have commented on how moody they have started to become. So looking into it more I found others online who also experienced mood swings. Once my mood swings seemed to affect my relationships i wanted off chantix. I did consult my doctor and he did suggest I find some other means to quit since it appears chantix was not for me. Well I was back to smoking a pack a day sometimes more after a little more than a month of no smoking. Now this brings me up to the present. Around the beginning of May 2013 I had no intentions of quitting. In fact I rather came up with the conclusion that while I know smoking is horrible for you I actually enjoyed holding a cigarette in my hand along with inhaling and exhaling smoke. Despite all the negative impacts smoking had on my body like, waking up with bad chest congestion in the morning, sore throats and the ease with which I ran out of breathe. Then around the first of May I saw my brother using an Ego battery with a kanger T3. I had no idea what the thing was but it looked like he was smoking. He told me it was an E-cig. So I asked to try it out and found I enjoyed using the Ego. I went directly online and began researching the product. Later that day I went to a gas station to buy a pack of smokes along with a disposable E-cig for $8. It lasted me probably 8 hours. So the next day I went to a local smoke shop and bought an Ego battery and a T3 along with some coffee type E-liquid which had 24mg strength of nicotine. I vaped on that Ego with a T3 all day while reading more about E-cigs online. Meanwhile that pack of smokes I bought the previous day sat 3/4ths full on the counter untouched. Before I knew it two weeks had past and I found myself buying a PV device known as the Vamo online, along with an EVOD, cartomizers and a tank. Also within those two weeks I should add I exclusively used my Ego and T3. That 3/4ths of a pack of smokes I had I ended up giving to a friend. Of course only after trying to convert him to an E-cig aswell. My buddy seems to think it will make him less of a man to be seen out in public with an E-cig. Anyways come to now, July 2013, after trying a few nasty e-liquids and some terrific ones, I still have not had a cigarette since that first day I bought a disposable E-cig from a gas station. I don’t want to lie so I will say a few days ago I took a drag from a cigarette out of pure curiosity of what it would taste and feel like, not because I felt I needed a cigarette. The thing tasted nasty and I could barely draw a single puff. Since I stopped smoking cigarettes and now daily only use a E-cig I feel like I breathe better, and in general feel better. I have not woken up to chest tightness in almost 2 months. Walking up stairs is much easier already. I also find I’m working out more and I can sustain longer work outs with less fatigue. Another bonus is people around me often comment on how aromaticly pleasing some of my vapor is along with comments from non-smokers noticing I don’t smell like cigarettes anymore. To me E-cigs feel like they’ve become more than just a tool to stop smoking cigarettes, they’ve become one of my first true hobbies. I love reading about them and learning all I can about them. I like telling people all about E-cigs and correcting them on some of the misconceptions they have on E-cigs (ie.. E-liquid contains Anti-freeze). Its become sort of a passion for me in the last two months. Due largely in part of how amazed I am that this has soo easily replaced my habit of smoking cigarettes. Ive just recently moved from vaping 24mg of nic juice to 12-18mg of nic in my juice. Given its only been two months of being cigarette free which is relatively short compared to my 10 years of smoking I’d like to note this feels nothing like the two times I tried to quit in years past. Right now as I type this I have no want or need to smoke a cigarette. 2 hours ago I didn’t want a cigarette. 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 hours ago it did not even cross my mind to go buy a pack of smokes from the gas station thats only a short walking distance from my apartment. Compare that to when I was in the midst of trying to quit years ago (cold turkey, nic-gum, chantix) it was almost always in the back of my head how I wanted to go out and buy a pack of smokes. Also my buddy who was dead set against E-cigs 2 months ago now wants to know more about them. So to sum it up 2 months ago I did not want to quit smoking and through out the last 2 months I have not bought a single pack of smokes. All because of one day in the beginning of May I vaped on my brothers E-cig.