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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I’ve been smoking cigarettes from a young illegal age. Real cigarettes were easy to get and are very readily now that I am at a legal age. I ordered my first ecig when I was eighteen and it came from china. This was before the American ecig companies joined the market and ecigs were hard to find. The vapor was very harsh and overheated frequently as well as having multiple parts that needed to be replaced, cleaned and generally maintained. About six months after this purchase and use I was sick of the sore throat that wouldn’t go away and have the box of atomizers, cartridges and batteries somewhere buried beneath a few years of other junk. My friend gave me an ecig a few months ago because he said I smoke too much. Since then i gave it back to him and tried other brands until I found the right one for me. The disposables are costly but great and have helped me drop from a pack a day with my first cigarette within thirty minutes of waking up to bout two cigarettes a day when I crave a strong tingling rush of inhaling a marlboro red. I tried the costly patches which did not get rid of cravings, especially the immediate ones. So I tried nicotine gum, I have vomited and have felt strongly ill while using the gum. I tried lower levels and other brands but did not make me not want to smoke. I would shortly smoke a cigarette after the gum and would dangerously smoke on the patch even though it is I’ll advised due to health risk. By far these electronic cigarettes, of the countless brands I have tried including njoy, vuse and blu; I can confidently say ecigs have come far and have a well deserved place behind the counter as a stop smoking aid or tobacco alternative. Even if you ban these products they will be ordered online from other countries like clove cigarettes are. I used to smoke those until the ban took effect, tried the cigars and try weren’t the same. The ban will just cause American businessmen to lose their jobs and run more companies out of this country. These products do not pose a harsher health risk than tobacco. Go after them not the alternatives or I will have to order products from foreign countries.