About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

i started smoking at the young age of 12 and in the last 10 years before i found e-cigs i tried everything on the market nicorette,chantix and many others but still failed to quit. then on july 10,2012 i saw a e-cig in the store i got my cigarettes from and asked if they worked but couldn’t get any answers.so when i got home that night i started to do research on them. 7/17/12 i found ecf and joined. i dug a little more before my first kit came in and found so many who where just like me. 7/20/12 my first kit came in along with parts to build a mod. while at work that day with 2 packs the little cig-alike work and before i left i was like what do i do with this 2 packs. well one of my coworkers came over to me and grabbed them crushed then through them in the trash. from that day on i have been smoke free and vaping. my one year is come and my first birth day being smoke free in the 23 years i did smoke. now for the reason i had to quit. when i turned 35 i couldn’t even breath if i walked 10 feet. i went to my doctor and found out i had a collapsed lung and my other lung wasn’t in the best shape either. he told me that the 3 packs a day i was smoking is what made it happen and if i didn’t quit i would either die or be in a hospital within 2-3 months fighting for my life this was 7/9/12. after i start on the e-cig it took 5 months before i could breath again. 1/15/13 went to my doctor and he was shock because i was in so much better shape than i was back in july that he asked me how i did it. so i told him and showed him what i was using. he didn’t like it but told me that the e-cig saved my life and if i still need them to keep using them even if he didn’t approve me doing so. so i live to make it to age 36 less than 2 weeks away and i am thank full that i can see another birth day