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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I have been smoking for 18 years since i was a teenager and have tried more times than i can count to quit. I quit when i was pregnant with both of my children, first my daughter in 2000 and next my son in 2002. i quit cold turkey both times and within a month of my daughters birth i was smoking again and when my son was born i was outside smoking with my mom within hours. Since then i have tried everything, gum didn’t help and i didn’t like it. I did quit once a few years ago cold turkey for about 6 months and started again because the cravings never went away. I also tried Chantix and had horrible side effects, and after waking up one morning convinced i had murdered my children and nothing my husband could do or say to console me. He had to go pick them up from school and bring them home to make be believe it was only a dream. I immediatly stopped the medication. I have tried multiple times to go cold turkey again but couldnt make it through the first day. Then, 4 months ago, my mom bought me my first ecig vaping kit, with spearmint flavor and marlboro flavor liquids. She had successfully quit and wanted me to also. I didn’t like the tobacco flavor (just want the same as a cigarette) but the spearmint was pretty good. I used both cigarettes and the ecig for about a month and decided to try new liquids. I got a strawberry flavored liquid and LOVED it. I decided that day that i had smoked my last cigarette. I quit cigarettes on May 16 2013. The first 2 days were hard and i didn’t understand why. I was vaping and getting nicotine so why was i getting the nic fits that i have always experienced when quitting. It wasnt from nicotine withdrawl, it was withdrawl from the other thousands of chemicals in cigarettes. I started on 24mg nicotine and within 3 months i have weaned myself to 12mg and plan on going down to 6mg soon. Since the first week cigarette free, i no longer crave cigarettes. I no longer hack and cough in the mornings or another time. I haven’t coughed at all since that first week. I feel like i can breathe again and i can really smell and taste things again and i don’t stink of nasty smoke. And for the first time ever i feel like if i quit vaping tomorrow i would never feel the urge to smoke a cigarette again.