About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I’ve been smoking since I was 14 or 15 years old — nearly 20 years. A non-smoker friend of mine had gotten a free gas station e-cigarette and gave to me since I was a smoker and she thought I might enjoy it. I wasn’t particularly fond of its flavor and/or its nicotine level, but the e-cigarette had a website tattooed on it so I thought I might check it out to see if there was any more to it. Until then, I was very ignorant about the various equipment, flavors, etc. — mostly because I had no intention to quit smoking. Not only was I addicted to nicotine, but I loved smoking. As I researched, I got more and more excited to learn about all the different flavors, methods, equipment, etc. I placed my first order less than 24 hours after having received the free e-cigarette (I had already killed and recharged the battery several times and had blown through two of the cartomizers). I bought a starter kit with two batteries, two different clearomizers and a few 10ml bottles of e-liquid. After receiving those in the mail, I was no longer a cigarette smoker. I have to stress that I had no intention to quit smoking, but the variety of flavors available were much more appealing to me than being pigeonholed into receiving nicotine only from the combustion of tobacco — regardless of brand, tobacco still tastes like tobacco (even though I did have my favorites) without a whole lot of variance in flavor (Pepsi and Coke definitely taste different and one might have a preference, but they are both still obviously cola). I’ve used snus and snuff a couple times throughout the years, but I don’t think I ever used up a whole can before it dried out — because I just didn’t like it. Smoking was my preferred method of nicotine delivery because I love the taste and feel of inhaling smoke. I had joked from time to time that even if cigarettes didn’t contain nicotine, I would probably still smoke them. The health benefits of vaping are a great side-effect. It’s also worth the enhanced cost to me. I rolled my own cigarettes and spent only roughly $40 a month on tobacco. I have spent well over $300 on various equipment and e-liquid in less than a month of vaping. Over time, I’m sure this might balance out, but it’s also become a hobby to me — one that I don’t mind spending money on. I will likely continue to buy new equipment regularly, will certainly continue to buy different flavors from various suppliers and look to start making my own e-juices over time. In the first week after I started vaping, I smoked four cigarettes — all because my batteries had gone dead (a problem I no longer have as I have purchased enough batteries and chargers to make sure I always have at least one ready to go). I still have a whole can of tobacco that I had purchased a few hours before I tried the e-cigarette — it doesn’t tempt me at all — and it has possibly dried out by now. I’m thrilled to have discovered a smoking alternative that delivers the (harmless as caffeine, perhaps even more-so) nicotine I want in a vehicle that so closely resembles smoking (a process I’ve always loved) that I don’t miss the smoke at all. It’s also nice to be able to vape virtually anywhere because it gives off nothing harmful to the people around me. I can settle down to drink a cup of coffee in my mother’s house and not have to go outside to enjoy a cigarette. My mom, a vehement non-smoker, even loves to taste the different flavors I have. I can use my devices at work without having to go outside and take a cigarette break, which frankly makes me much happier and even more productive an employee. I had never seriously considered other alternatives for nicotine delivery, because I loved to smoke and had no intention of quitting, despite the known and noticeable effects on my health. After only three weeks of vaping, I find myself riding my bicycle to work more often because I can handle the hills of Pittsburgh (of which there are a few between my house and my job) much more easily and I have even decreased the amount of time it takes me to do as such by about 25% — and this is just the beginning. I wake up every morning more energetic and much more capable of breathing and also find myself relying less on energy-boosters to get through the day. I am also in a better mood and much more productive. Overall, vaping has (very serendipitously, if that’s a word) become a very important part of my life — and has perhaps prolonged it. Cheers!