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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I am a 49 yr. old female originally from Orange County, CA. I began smoking regularly (daily about a pack) at about 15 years of age. I have been using the e-cig exclusively since Nov 2011 (it is now Aug 2013), that means I started smoking in 1979 and smoked cigarettes for 32 years. I first tried an e-cig in around 2009 when they were $300.00 for 1 battery and you had atomizers that burned out all too soon and were very hard to replace. I had gotten to where I smoked about 5 cigs a day at that time and used the e-cig the rest of the time. The company I worked for at the time closed down and I could no longer afford the e-cig. Went back to smoking cigs. In Summer 2011 I found an e-cig shop (about 30 minutes from home) and by Nov 1 decided to try again. I had been being urged by my doctor to get back on the e-cig. Mid Nov, I had batteries, cartemizers, chargers, and was ready. I chose the KR-808D for size and ease with 24mg nicotine e-liquid (this has not changed except for rare flavors). I smoked my last cig in the pack and started back with the e-cig and have not gone back. I did ask a friend for a cig 2 days after starting, I smoked about half and threw the rest away. NASTY!!! I have looked at what is in the liquid. I have heard the argument that there is an ingredient in the e-liquid that is also in antifreeze. This is true, it is Poly-Glycol. Look up this ingredient and see what else it is in. Medicine, food, and yes in other industrial type products. But so is corn. The other ingredients are concentrated flavoring, vegetable glycol, nicotine (which can be found in tobacco as well as in tomatoes and other plants. Lastly, filtered water. That’s it. I will say I have thought about a cig from time to time but then have to ask myself why. I get my nicotine, the feel of smoking, and still feel better. I also smell better, not like smoke. And save money too. When visiting people, I am not relegated to hiding outside (and missing out on time with friends and family) or freezing my tail off or getting soaking wet. You know, smoking cigarettes is the only thing I know that gets me treated like a child playing ball in the house, go outside or go to your room, only there is not room to go to so outside in the rain and cold or not at all is my only choice. How is that right? Ok, enough of my soapbox. I have allowed people to smoke in my house, but if I don’t take the ashtray outside before going to bed I wake up smelling the ashtray. I have had company over who smoke and have taken a fresh cart out and filled it with tobacco e-liquid and gave them the choice to smoke that instead, they were fine with it and actually asked where to get one. I am not looking to quit yet, was not looking to quit smoking when I started using the e-cig. I was looking for a better alternative to the carbon monoxide, arsenic and other chemicals in the cigarettes I was smoking. I still enjoy my e-cig, and most of the people I know are good with it too, and with 2 exceptions have not banned me in their homes or cars.