About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I am a 41 year old female living in Norway. I was smoking one packet (sometimes more) pr. day from the age of 20. I did try to quit smoking several times, but did not succeed. I managed to quit for a couple of months at one occasion, but went back to smoking in a stressful period at work. It seemed to me that the smoking ritual was the only way I could relive stress and calm down when things got difficult, and I gave up on quitting for a couple of years. I grew increasingly shameful of my own lack of ability to quit and manage without the cigarettes. My husband managed to quit ‘cold turkey’ three years ago, but I could not make it. I first heard of electronic cigarettes from a friend who had seen it in a TV show. I did some research on the internet, but unfortunately – not knowing what to look for – ended up with buying some quite expensive cigarette like e-cigarettes that needed fresh cartomizers all of the time (many of them did not taste good at all) and with batteries that would only last for about an hour or two. I used this for a month or two, but returned to cigarettes because I fund the product to be low quality and high maintenance. In addition to this, it was no one around that knew of the e-cigarettes, and help me choose the right products. Still the thoughts of the satisfaction gained and cleanliness of the electronic cigarette lingered in my head, and I spent hours on the net trying to get past the advertisements from companies selling expensive starter sets and putting up fake reviews. I ended up finding good information at the ECF site, and ordered a proper refillable PV (personal vaporizer) of the eGo type. I stopped smoking the day I got it, which is now one and a half year ago. It was the perfect solution for me. I would still have been a smoker without the vaping. Now I cant stand the taste or smell of an analog cigarette. I never vape tobacco or menthol tobacco flavors, it makes me sick. I love clean lemon and lime flavors, and sometimes I order some dessert or beverage flavors to vary a little. After switching to vaping there is no more shortness of breath, no more bad feelings about my nicotine habit and no awful smell of cigarette smoke in my home, car or clothes. I have introduced four (now ex-) smoking friends to vaping, they have all quit cigarettes after trying the electronic alternative.