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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking when I was 13 years old. Me and my friends started getting into it casually by taking a couple of cigarettes from our parents or friends, but within in a year I was smoking up to a pack a day. For the next 15 years I never thought about quitting, I enjoyed smoking very much but knew one day I would quit. By the time I was 28, I made a serious pledge to myself that I would be a quit smoker for at least whole year, before I turned 30. Attempt one was cold turkey and only lasted 4 days. Attempts two and three were a few weeks later and both lasted only a day. I decided to wait for a busy time at work to settle down before I tried again, so a few months later I tried nicotine gum. This worked for a few days, but I hated the taste and the feeling in my mouth. It felt like chewing on dry tobacco. Sometime went by and I tried the patch. This worked for a week, but some stressful things were going on in my life and went back to smoking. A few months later I tried Chantix and this worked for a couple of weeks, but the dreams were insane, and I felt nausea all the time. I finally stopped using chantix because I literally felt crazy, depressed, cloudy all the time and it wasn’t worth it. My 30th birthday was rapidly coming and I was really pissed at myself for not having quit a year ago. I tried again a few weeks before my 30th birthday, but failed. It got to the point for the next two years I was trying to quit smoking every other month, and I just couldn’t do it, there was always a reason I felt I needed to start smoking again. Also by the time I was 30, I noticed my health not being as good as used to. My sleeping was interrupted reguarly because of my shortness of breath. My throat was always sore, I felt really out of shape. I was coughing all the time. With all the failed attempts and how poorly I felt, it was starting to get very discouraging to the point where I felt like I would never be able to quit. Honestly, it was a very low point in my life. My family members were alway hounding me to quit, I wanted to quit, and I just couldn’t. I started to convince myself I’ll be a smoker for life and whatever health problems come my way, I will just have to deal with it. Enter e-cigarettes … Just over a year ago a friend of mine let me borrow his e-cigarette for an afternoon. It was a cigerate look a like. I didn’t much care for it and the battery gave up very quickly. I didn’t try another e-cigeratte until a friend at work started using one a few months later. This was a bigger device that had a tank of e-liquid. When I tried it, I actually like it. A couple of other smokers at my office started using tank-based e-cigarettes and I enjoyed theirs also. I finally decided, why don’t I try this … I have tried everything else, might as well give this a try. So one day I said to myself I was going to give e-cigarettes another chance. I went to a local vapor store and had the staff show all the ins and outs of using the e-cigarette and all the different flavors that were available. As I was sitting there, I couldn’t believe how awesome they tasted. I left the store with an e-cig and some juice and the first thing I noticed was, I don’t want a cigarette. I vaped the rest of the day, and still had no desire for a cigarette. I was VERY shocked. I smoked two cigarettes before I went into the store that day and didn’t smoke another one for three days. I couldn’t believe how satisfying the e-cigarette was. On the third day, I smoked one cigarette, just to see how it felt, and it hit that me e-cigarettes tasted better than actual cigarettes. I went the rest of the week without a cigarette, but had one more on a Sunday and that was my last cigarette ever. That was on July 9th and I haven’t had a cigarette since, nor do I want one. With all sincerity, e-cigarettes truly saved me on many levels. I was so desperate to quit smoking and didn’t belive I would be able to. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. The fact that I haven’t had a cigarette in two and a half months is insane to me and I couldn’t be more happy or proud of myself. It really is a miracle, because no one thought I would be able to quit smoking, including myself. I found a very active online community that helped answer all of my questions about e-cigarettes and provided a lot of support for quitting smoking. Not to mention, I feel great. My breathing is much better, I’m not coughing a lot anymore. I can sleep the entire night without waking up, I’m walking regurly. It really has changed my life.