About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked for 12 years before attempting to quit with the patch, after noticing adverse health effects and feeling the mounting social pressure to quit. Quitting on the patch wasn’t too hard that first time. I quit for a good 7 months before my partner began smoking again, and I started again too, thinking I would be able to quit at any time. However, the next time I tried, I found the craving to smoke after I weaned off the patch was much stronger than it previously had been. I wasn’t wanting the nicotine — I felt better, calmer, and more at peace without it — but I was craving the throat hit feeling that smoking cigarettes gives you, and the comfort of the habit. This time around, instead of smoking a cigarette again, I decided to try e-cigs. I’d tried one 4 years previously, but it had been like smoking air. However, as this was all I knew about e-cigs, when I decided to try them again, I began with a cig-a-like with prefilled cartomizers. The one I tried was free (I only paid shipping) and I ordered it because I was unsure whether I would even like vaping at all. The free one I sent away for did not come in 0mg nic strength, so even though I was no longer nicotine dependent, my dependence began again at 18mg. My experience with that cig-a-like was much better than it had been 4 years ago, but I did find myself very occasionally smoking a real cigarette during this time. After a month, I had learned more about vaping and decided to upgrade to a Protank on an eGo battery, to cut down costs, get longer battery life, and more e-liquid capacity than the cig-a-likes. I also wanted a way to try different e-liquid flavors, as I was having trouble finding satisfactory flavors. The switch was exactly what I needed. I have found that I actually prefer it to smoking. I don’t feel the shortness of breath or constant need to clear my throat as I did with cigarettes, and it tastes a lot more pleasant. Since I started vaping 4 months ago, I’ve cut down my nicotine level to 12mg, and I vape less, too. In the coming months, I plan to cut down my nicotine level further to 6mg. Without access to an e-cig mod setup, and to a variety of flavors, I would most definitely be smoking cigarettes again.