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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hello! My name is Nikki, and I am 41 years old. I began vaping almost 18 months ago-after smoking real cigarettes for close to 30 years. Like many kids, I saw the adults in my life smoking on a constant basis. I recall the very first time I inhaled one that a friend had pilfered from her parents. At first, I choked and sputtered through it. But then, I felt an odd sense of calm. And due to having ADHD all my life, this was something welcome. I had something to do with my hand when I was full of nervous energy, and I could keep my weight down. Being a young gymnast, I struggled with this on a constant basis. What I didnƒ??t know, was that I was already addicted. For the next 30 years I smoked anywhere from 1-1 ?« packs of Marlboro Reds per day. I hated the way I smelled, the way my mouth tasted, and the fact that I was wasting money to inhale carcinogens. I was passed over for a summer internship once because I smoked. I could not be as physically active as the year before as time went on. And twice a year I got bronchitis. I was missing time from work because of what I consider a dangerous and filthy addiction. When I turned 35, I made the decision that I would find a way to quit. Because my blood pressure was extremely high due to stress, my doctor refused to prescribe smoking cessation medication. Because I donƒ??t like prescription meds, I agreed. He suggested I join a support group and meet others that were struggling, as well as nicotine gum or patches. I did as he suggested. The group I joined (I live in a rural area and had to drive over an hour each way) did nothing for me. Half of the members were either smoking cigarettes by the entrance or even in the meetings. So, I tried the patches next. Nothing. Then on to gum. I was allergic. Not to be profane, but no matter the nicotine level or brand-even cutting the pieces in half-I kept migraines so painful that I had to go to the emergency room twice and get shots. It was the second trip that the doctor figured out that I was having allergic reactions to the gum. Not including the cost of the gum, I now had 2 bills to the tune of $900 to pay. I tried carrying around straws to chew on. I chewed regular gum. I drank copious amounts of coffee. I jogged. I did everything I could to just quit cold turkey. I was a nervous wreck, and snapping on everyone in my midst. My school work was suffering. At the time, I was trying to raise three kids, work, school, and my best friend was bedridden and dying of Lou Gehrigƒ??s disease. Each time I tried to drop the ƒ??cancer sticksƒ? was a lesson in futility. Finally, I saw an ad for a certain e-cig. I wonƒ??t call out the brand, but it was a very popular type that used disposable cartridges. Boasting a plastic ƒ??packƒ? that was actually a charger for the cigarette-style batteries and a carrying case for the cartridges. I shelled out over $200 for two starter kits and a supply of cartridges for my spouse and I. Supposedly, one cartridge was supposed to equate into approximately 2-2 ?« packs of ƒ??analogƒ? cigs. Um, no. One cartridge did not equate into a ?¬ of an analog. The atomizers would give out. Even the replacement atomizers were all defective. That did it. I gave up. But I found eGoƒ??s and personal vaporizers. The moment I started using my eGo style ecig is the moment after I smoked my last real cigarette. I have not touched one since, save once two weeks later to see what would happen. I gagged and was almost sick. No cravings for them, my sense of smell and taste are heightening; my blood pressure and heart rate are excellent. Why? Because I am exercising daily again! I donƒ??t wake up coughing, and have not had bronchitis once. In fact, not so much as allergies during season changes. I donƒ??t smell like an old ashtray. And my kids are so proud of the fact that their Mama never breaks a promise. I donƒ??t think that many people really understand just how our kids are affected by our smoking cigarettes. We all know the dangers of second-hand smoke-but do we think about the fact that our kids are aware that smoking can kill us-and they might see it as we are purposely destroying ourselves? What example are we setting for them? The quality of my life has improved beyond what I imagined. And vaping has done that for me, and several friends and family members. I honestly feel as though the answer to stop smoking is here.