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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I think I started to fill in the testimonial then got sidetracked. If this is a repeat post, I apologize (and, of course, please delete one.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I posted the following on e-cigarette-forum.com on my 5-week anniversary of being cigarette free: I started smoking around 1969. I quit twice — 9 months in 1977 and 3 months in 1985. Since then I’ve tried cold turkey, Smoke Enders, hypnosis, Nicorette, Wellbutrin, acupunctureƒ?? Not only did none of them work, just the thought of not having a cigarette left me feeling depressed and as if I’d suffered a loss. The closest I can come to describing it is forlorn. By the end I was smoking just over 3 packs a day. At New York City prices ($10 a pack [higher now]), not only was I killing myself, I was paying a fortune for the privilege. Around Thanksgiving I was following something online that took me to a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio and a SmokeStik. I’d never heard of them. I went to their website and learned all about e-cigs. A couple of days later I decided I was ready and went back. The entire site had changed. All references to being American-made and things like that had disappeared. I ended up calling them and they said it was the Canadian site as the U.S. company was in the middle of moving to a new warehouse. I have no idea if it was true, but they did me a favor. It would have been the wrong PV for me. (Tobacco-flavored liquid doesn’t interest me.) Then I found this place [ECF]. After a few days’ reading, I ordered an 801 from EastMall on 12/7 and it arrived the day after Christmas (thanks to customs — EastMall was great.) During the first 5 days I smoked what I used to smoke in a single day. Then I decided that was silly and I stopped. I haven’t had an analog since. I don’t even miss them. I don’t consider PVs a good product. I consider them a miracle! Now, if I could just figure out the right strength for me. I seem to alternate between bouncing off the walls and no one else wanted to get a word in edgewise, did they and nap time. ……………… That was on January 30, 2010. In the 3 and a half years since, Iƒ??ve made a lot of progress. I figured out the right nicotine strength for me. Because I smoked over 3 packs a day, I thought I needed a fairly high nicotine level so I started at 24 mg. I dropped it to 12 mg after a couple of months and, after vaping for about 7 months, to none. That lasted for a month and it was the only time I have been in danger of resuming smoking. But, unlike with cigarettes, you can customize your nicotine level to what is right for you. Iƒ??ve been vaping at 6 milligrams per milliliter for three years. Itƒ??s perfect for me. I have neither cravings nor withdrawal symptoms. Iƒ??ve found flavors that I love. I never smoked because I liked the taste of tobacco. And, although vapor doesnƒ??t cling and linger the way smoke does, I donƒ??t want to fill my apartment with that smell even briefly. It took my long enough to get the stench of stale cigarettes out of my walls. I like to vape the same type of flavors that I like eat ƒ?? desserts. Flavored e-liquid isnƒ??t marketed to children ƒ?? itƒ??s marketed to people with taste buds. And, as with any food, be it candy, vegetables or alcohol, one flavor does not fit all. Iƒ??ve found the PV set-ups that work best for me. I like long battery life with a non-tube shaped device and a small tank so I only have to fill it occasionally. I donƒ??t like to fuss with my PV. I just want to vape. But, with all Iƒ??ve learned, one thing remains the same as it was in January 2010. I still consider PVs a miracle.