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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking at about 7 years old when my 8 year old brother had started stealing them from our father. We thought at the time quitting would be easy like, ƒ??by the time I’m 13,ƒ? and at thirteen, ƒ??by the time I’m 14,ƒ? so on and so forth. We learned too late that it just isn’t like that. About 3 years ago my dog passed away. It was a health thing, something that could have been fixed if we had known and I’m sure other right choices would have helped. So I figured I would try a better choice for myself. Before this I had heard of electronic cigarettes but had not tried them, I’ve been interested though so I bought a disposable Blu and found I liked it. I did my research and bought an EGO T since it seemed the easiest and the cheapest at the time. I quit using traditional burning analogs 3 years ago with no problem because I knew the electronic cigarette had what kept me smoking. I had tried some normal methods like the patch, gum and lozenges but those didn’t even seem to take the edge off my urge to smoke. Within 2 weeks of using the electronic cigarette I was hacking up all the stuff I had been putting in for basically my whole life yet at the same time I was breathing better, things tasted better, I didn’t know how good chocolate was, and my sense of smell had improved as well, which is good for the good smells but not so good for the bad :P. My brother can’t afford them so he will buy disposable electronic cigarettes when he can. From what I have seen in myself and others who use an electronic cigarette they seem to work. Many would probably go back to smoking how ever many packs a day if they vanished. My wife has never smoked. Smoke gave her headaches, even second hand, but vapor doesn’t bother her that way. In her own words she may not like the smell of some of the juices I use but it only bothers her when on an occasion we are side by side and I accidentally blow it in her direction or the wind takes it that way but the smell and vapor doesn’t linger like smoke did. I would recommend electronic cigarettes to those who can’t/won’t quit traditional burning analogs, something that is a known risk to your health. At least it’s a step in a better direction if not the best.