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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hi there, I started smoking when I was 14 years old, this must have been back in 1997 or 98. I did it to be ƒ??coolƒ? to fit in. It also didn’t help that I was raised in a family of smokers, whom smoked around me since my birth! I was basically predisposed to smoke! Even as a teenager, before the age of 18, I had quit smoking more times then I can even remember accurately. My smoking cessation included Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Cold Turkey, Gums, Patches, and everything but the Kitchen sink! As I reached adulthood and throughout 3 pregnancies, I still struggled with smoking! Even the thought of potentially harming my unborn children could not make me stop smoking completely! Believe me, I tried! I failed every time. My husband has pleaded with me to quit from the day we met! Lol! Bless him for sticking by me! A couple of years ago The ƒ??E-cigƒ? craze hit the market. Us serious smokers scoffed at this new invention. We’ve all been there, tried to quit, and if pharmaceuticals couldn’t get us off cigarettes, what were these things going to do? I admit I laughed at them! My mom actually ended up buying a starter kit by N-joy and she used them, until they broke, or the act of charging constantly became too tedious. Especially for us ƒ??analogƒ? smokers who could just light up and be done with it! No technology to deal with, no cords to plug in, just instant gratification. After that, the fad kinda disappeared for awhile. I never really thought about E-cigs again. Until recently… for whatever reason. E-cigs have made a comeback. They’re everywhere. I see them in gas stations, in Wal-Greens, even Wal-Mart! This definitely piqued my curiosity. Because in the past, they didnƒ??t have disposables available. If you were going to smoke E-cigs, you had to make a pretty serious investment in them, straight off the bat. By this I mean, you had to buy a starter kit, and they’re pretty pricey. At a local gas station I saw a disposable Blu cigarette. This really tempted me, Because back when my mom had her N-joy starter kit, I had looked for ones of my own, and Blu was a company I really wanted to try, I just couldn’t see spending so much money on a starter kit I wasn’t even sure I would like! So at seeing a Blu disposable I bought it. I mainly bought it to smoke at a birthday party at my in-laws’ house. I never liked to have to go off and smoke cigarettes while at their house, knowing I always reeked of tobacco smoke afterward, so the thought of being able to toke on an E-cig while there really encouraged me to buy it. I did not buy it with the intention of quitting smoking! After the party I really started to crave that little Blu disposable, and found myself using it at home. Especially because we do not smoke indoors. And I must say, I just love ƒ??smokingƒ? in bed! I know it’s horrible but hey, this was my loop hole, I could smoke my Blu in bed at night while on my laptop and not burn my house down! Using the Blu really got me wondering about other E-cigs and got me wanting to buy a Blu starter kit again. But being the indecisive buyer that I am, I decided to do some research. First, I wanted to make sure E-cigs were ƒ??healthyƒ? then I went on to find the best brand of E-cig starter kits I could find. I finally chose Halo brand, bought their starter kit and some various flavors of ƒ??E-Juiceƒ? for my cartomizers. I was so excited! While waiting for this to come in the mail I went out and bought another Blu disposable! It still never crossed my mind that I was going to use this product for smoking cessation. So it’s not like I was gearing myself up, or mentally preparing myself to quit once my Halo cigs were delivered. Well let me tell you, they came yesterday. I charged them up, and smoked them all day yesterday. Not once did I smoke a real cigarette, and honestly I have no desire to at all! Absolutely amazing! I’m telling you, these things work. They satisfy your nicotine craving, your oral fixation, and the action of holding a cigarette. I joined some online forums, and have been reading into the vaping community. It is sad that there are still people who are trying to ban e-cigs, and I think that would be so horrible! Using e-cigs is a great tool for one to be able to ƒ??weanƒ? themselves down on milligrams of nicotine, as you can change the strength of your ejuice over time. I can understand concerns of underage people trying e-cigs who have never smoked before, so maybe the only appropriate ƒ??banƒ? would be an age restriction. But really, once someone is an adult, it is their right to choice, which makes the USA such a great place to live. I don’t think the government should be banning anything, frankly! All I wanted to say is although it has only been one whole day of me being cigarette free, that is more than I have been free of them in years! And some simple browsing on vaping forums will show many others who have been cigarette free for years since vaping Ecigs!