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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hello! I am a loyal E-cig smoker. I smoked for over 20 yrs,about 2 packs a day.I had tried every method out there to quit-gum,patches,medication,hypnotism,you name it and i have tried it.I have been sick for many years, and doctor told me I had to quit as I was in the midst of emphysema. As soon as I was told that, I said I gotta stop now, or i will never see my youngest graduate! I had some electronic cigs that i had tried in the past to use, but it was costly to keep going thru the cartridges. So I decided to do more research and find something better. I found a thing called a clearomizer- all you had to do was add your liquid, and add it to a battery, and it was awesome! The vapor was huge! Just like a cig! I then started on flavors( i always just smoked menthol)- and wow! The fruity flavors that are available blew my mind! I am smoking watermelon as i type this. I don’t have to worry about my smoking affecting the kids, nor my house smelling of nasty smoke. When I did smoke i would go outside, so as no one would have second hand smoke…and living in florida-its almost too hot to smoke out of doors! Also, I got a new doc- had all the blood work re-done..guess what? The first test was wrong! My lungs are as fine as they can be for smoking all the years I did. I could have easily went back to smoking real cigs, but why? The e-cig has such a good flavor, I can smoke anywhere I want to, and I don’t have to worry about all those other chemicals going into my body! I have been cig free for 7 months now. I smell it on my hubby, and i think Oh man did I smell like that too? Gross! I don’t crave for a real one at all. I did try a puff off of hubbies just to see the difference..oh yuck, my mouth tasted soo bad i had to go brush my teeth again! I so recommend this to anyone who wants to kick the habit, and believe me when i say i tell a LOT of people! A lot of people also will just walk up to me and ask me where i got it from, does it really work, I can’t emphasize enough that its hands down the best thing i have ever done!