About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking in my twenties and I smoked for about 30 years. I enjoyed smoking. Naturally, I was worried about the health consequences so I tried to quit. I tried cold turkey quite a few times. I tried the patches, the lozenges, the gum. I quit for as long as two weeks. I never did kick the habit. Around two years ago, I was at a friends house and she had an electronic cigarette. Try it and see what you think. I thought it wasn’t the same as smoking and didn’t think about it again until about a year later. I was going though my annual you really should quit smoking thoughts. I decided to try e cigs again. I bought a disposable e cig. I went online to get more information. I found out the health risks with e cigs was pretty minimal. PG has been studied in great detail. There are newer studies that show that the ingredients in ecigs are of minimal risk. Compared to smoking tobacco, e cigs are a much, much safer and healthier alternative. I also found out that nicotine has some real benefits and that it isn’t harmful in and of itself. No worse than my coffee habit. I bought a cig-a-like kit with different flavors and rechargeable batteries. Wow, I cut down by half and didn’t even miss those ciggies. I bought some larger batteries and tried a tank system. Whenever I got discouraged, I bought some new flavors to try. Wow, I was down from 2 packs a day to 10 cigs, then 5 cigs and finally just 2 cigs a day. One day I decided to quit altogether. Eight months after I started e cigs I was totally smoke free and a very happy person. Although I still miss smoking just a little bit, I do not have the feelings of depression and anger that I had quitting using other methods. I did not have that profound sense of loss of my smoking habit. I did not have the lucid dreams of smoking a cigarette like I did using the patch or gum or going cold turkey. I no longer wheeze when I breathe. I have more stamina. The house smells good and so does the car. My husband is super proud of me for quitting smoking and this is so much healthier for him, as well. He isn’t breathing second hand smoke. I also no longer have to carry an ashtray through the house. I can vape in the tent when I go camping. I can vape when I hike without taking precautions to prevent wildfires. E cigs worked for me because I could substitute my strong smoking habit over to vaping the e cig at my own pace. That was important to me. There are different systems available so I could try different set ups until I found the one that worked for me. I tired 3 or 4 systems before finding the system that let me quit. There are different flavors available so I can switch flavors which has helped keep my interest. Switching to e cigs was relatively easy compared to the other times I quit smoking. I am proud to be a nonsmoker. I will say that I would probably go back to smoking if the e cig were to be taken away from me, at this point. In another year or two, I might give up e cigs as well. After all, I am already cutting down on the nicotine level. Some studies show that nicotine isn’t nearly as habit forming as smoking tobacco and I would have to agree that is true for me. I never cut back on smoking but I am cutting back on vaping. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.