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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking when I was 13 years old. Iƒ??d steal cigarettes from my parents and bum them off of friends, I donƒ??t think I bought a pack till I was 18. So, I started full time in 1975. I really only tried quitting once, it was when I was pregnant with my second child. That lasted 2 years but I wanted a cigarette probably every day. So, I started back up again when someone left a pack at my house, it was that easy. I never thought about quitting again even though I had to hide it from my husband for 10 years. You canƒ??t just tell a smoker they have to quit, it doesnƒ??t work that way! You have to WANT to quit, I didnƒ??t. I like the process of smoking not so much the smell, though. Disliking the smell, though, came later in life. Fast forward 40 years later! My son gets a free sample of a e-cig in the mail, I try it, and I love it! Immediately go online to find it. Did not buy the one I tried because they wanted over $100 for it but found Apolloecig.com and ordered my first e-cig. I was so excited waiting on my order. That was May 2012. At first when I got the e-cig in the mail, the flavor wasnƒ??t quite as good as I had anticipated but I figured I just had to get used to the taste. So, I would smoke a little of the e-cig and then smoke a real one. I did this for a couple weeks. While at work I would usually smoke a real cigarette because thatƒ??s what my friends smoked, didnƒ??t want to be different. Then little by little, I started using my e-cig there, not really caring about other peopleƒ??s opinions. My one friend only made a little fun of me so I started trying to use it all the time when we went out on a smoke break. Well, this whole time, Iƒ??m carrying my real ones; you never know when it isnƒ??t going to be enough and you need what you are familiar with. This went on for almost a month when one morning I woke up and thought to myself that the day before I had smoked a lot of both and decide that this could go on, I had to choose which one I really wanted. So I went with the e-cig but still, just in case, I would still have my real ones in the car. Well, one day, I left home without my real ones and kind of freaked a little but figured this would be a real test. I made it through the night (I work nights) with no problem!! So, that was the beginning of the end of my love affair with cigarettes! I have been cigarette free since the 1st week of July 2012! I started out using the ones that look like a cig because well they look like a cig and I said that I would never use one of those funny looking ones that didnƒ??t resemble a cig at all. Then, they were getting to be a pain though because you had to keep filling the cartomizer and then the cartomizer was at the end of it life cycle and you had to remember to order more before you had nothing to use. I had read a little about the ones with tanks on them so I decided to give them a try and at first I did not like it because it didnƒ??t taste like the other one but I then the more I used the tank the more I didnƒ??t like the one that looked like a cig because of the filling that is in the cartomizer, I guess. Now, I, only use the tank set ups. I started out with 24mg but now a majority is 12mg or 18mg. I never really had any symptoms from smoking all those years. I am of average weight with no breathing issues. The most that is wrong with me is arthritis and high blood pressure (stress related). If you care at all about the people of this country you will NOT ban e-cigs. This is the best thing to happen to me ever. I would still be smoking if it hadnƒ??t been for this product and I do believe that if they werenƒ??t available I would still be smoking the real deal. If they are banned then I would go back to smoking the real deal because you cannot tell people that they have to quit. It doesnƒ??t matter what is said about them, I am an adult and know the consequences of my actions and donƒ??t need other peopleƒ??s self-righteous opinions on what I do. Debra D. Matott