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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

What has e-cigarettes (vaping) done for me. Well the fact is that I have been smoking 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes per day for the last 37 years and have tried several accepted methods to quit smoking tobacco without success. I have tried gumƒ??s, patches, prescriptions, and cold turkey and the longest I have gone without smoking until now was 2 weeks, but usually I would make it only a day or two. Smoking cigarettes had made it difficult to breath and caused me many of the typical things that are associated with a life long smoker. The e-juice I use has a nicotine level of 18mg per 1 ml by volume which is about equal to a pack of cigarettes. I vape about 1-2ml a day, sometimes less sometimes more, which by the way is no different then what I would smoke on any given day before but without the all the nasty chemicals and stink of tobacco. Quitting tobacco was not easy and even though I was replacing the nicotine from cigarettes with the nicotine in my e-liquid there was still a strong addiction and need to light up and smoke that cigarette. What this tells me is there is more to a manufactured cigarettes then just the addiction to nicotine or the oral fixation of the habit of doing something all my life. I started using e-cigƒ??s last December and smoked my last cigarette on March 7th of this year. I no longer have the urge to light up and there is no temptation or worry about a ƒ??relapseƒ? therefore this shouldnƒ??t be a consideration for arguing against vaping. Nobody is hiding alcohol consumption from alcoholics therefore there shouldnƒ??t be pressure from people to hide or ban something from tobacco smokers, especially if it helps people quit using tobacco. What have I gained from quitting smoking? I can breath easier and feel better and better every day. I do not snore like I used to and the apnea problem I occasionally experienced is not happening either. My house, car and person no longer stink from smoking and I generally am free to vape wherever I choose, within reason. What I do resent is the fact the I feel I need to go to the smoking lounge at the airport and hangout in a room full of heavy smoke that makes it hard for me to breath when I know for a fact that what I am exhaling is nothing more the water vapor. You all can argue it all you want, but I am betting my life on the fact that vaping is extending my life. I base this on many years of personal experience and anticipated health issues from 37 years of heavy smoking.