About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking around my 17th birthday and continued to do so until I was 34 years old. That is a total of 17 years of smoking. I knew it was bad for my health, even when starting. With my own will and some peer pressure, I pushed myself and forced my body to accept the toxins even though I would be sick. Over time the senses dull and you mentally believe that nothing bad can happen. Then, I started to noticed the ill side effects of smoking. I started to have chronic panic attacks that where unexplainable, respiratory infections that wouldn’t go away and where hard to overcome by medications, I was diagnosed with asthma, and I could start feeling that I was killing myself by smoking. I tried to quite cold turkey, didn’t work. The doctor tried wellbutren, it had a side effect with me that made me feel paranoid and effected my work ability. I tried chantix, I still felt like I wanted to smoke but made me vomit when I tried to smoke. I even tried an electronic ecig, but in that time it didn’t offer any type of nicotine, was very expensive, and the device and juice where terrible. One day I was walking in the mall with my daughter. She noticed a stand that sold electronic cigarettes and begged me to give it a try. With the thought of previous attempts with electronic cigarets in my mind, I had serious doubt. However, for the sake of my daughter, I found myself stopped at the counter asking questions. Though, still highly expensive at $160 for a small set and $35 for a 5 pack of pre-filled cartomizers, it saved my life. How did it save my life? This e-cig single handedly gave me the nicotine I craved and in a form my body already was used to; the act of smoking. Slowly it evolved my thinking and changed my view of traditional cigarettes. My body started a healing cycle and felt like it was expelling all toxins in any way possible. Then I noticed something wonderful. I was able to smell things I hadn’t been able to smell before. Spring was arriving and the scent of flowers and dew filled the air. I wept at the first scent because I long forgotten how wonderful and (in some cases) foul this world really was. It was like seeing for the first time. Then my taste returned. How wonderful that was! Food when smoking started tasting bland and all I could taste was salt and sour. When my tastebuds started to regenerate, I could taste every aspect of food. I was eating healthier and eating more. My weight improved and was able to gain muscle faster and be at a healthy weight instead of being under weight. Also, as taste improved, I could not stand the taste of tobacco flavored juices that where in the cartomizers. This pushed me further into study and found much better flavors that I enjoyed, like fruits and desserts. I feel at that time, if there where no other flavors available, I might have relapsed back to cigarettes just to dull the senses so I didn’t taste it anymore. Then my doctor started asking me questions on what I changed in my life because my blood pressure was back to normal, I was able to maintain a healthy weight, and I wasn’t coming in as often due to infections. I told him that I was using electronic cigarettes. He told me that whatever I was doing, to keep doing it because I was becoming more healthy. Even my Tae Kwon Do instructor pulled me aside to tell me how much my stamina and breathing had improved. Today, Nearly a year and a half later, I was able to heal my body, listen to my body, and lower my nicotine on my own. I greatly thank the new local vape shop in my city. Without him, I may not be able to customize the nicotine levels and bring them down lower and to customize the flavors that suite me. That is loyal and old fashioned customer service that this country desperately needs. I also want to thank the makers of mods and rebuildable atomizers. Without them, I could not have total control over my own success. This country was founded on fighting for what is right. This technology is what is right and a huge step forward in making this country healthier. God Bless, Brian Sours (Vaping Clouds) Fort Wayne, IN