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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I was a smoker for around 15 years (starting at the age of 12), 4 years off and on then 11 years as a daily smoker. I would smoke about a pack a day, usually Marlboro or Camel full flavor/kings. I had good success quitting both times I was pregnant, but I ended up starting to smoke after around 6 months after my kids were born. I hated smoking around them, but I just couldn’t kick the habit… I successfully quit for 3 weeks for a surgical procedure, but started back up a week after. Again, I couldn’t quitƒ?? I really enjoyed smoking. Around fall 2012 I tried a disposable ecig, but it wasnƒ??t satisfying enough to leave off normal cigarettes. Then, around January 2013 my best friend ordered a mod, tank, and juice. I tried it expecting the same outcome, instead I found myself actually enjoying it, so I figured Iƒ??d spend the money and give it a go. I purchased a starter mod from Apollo eCigarettes; eGo VV, along with some sample flavor juices, and a decent bottom coil tank. I received my kit on February 24th 2013. In 3 days, I no longer wanted a cigarette, and was so satisfied with the ecig, I made it a goal to tell anyone and everyone about them! Within a few weeks, I felt like I was actually breathing for the first time. I could run, I could climb stairs without dying. I could taste food, and smell things that I hadn’t had the nose for before. My cooking improved, my eating decreased because I was getting more active. Iƒ??ve steadily lost weight that I had not been able to before. For example, Iƒ??ve gone down 20 lbs in the last 2 months when before I only fluctuated between 5 and 10 lbs off my average weight in a 3 month period. Because of how much healthier I feel, my lifestyle has become more healthy. Its like the best snowball effect Iƒ??ve ever experienced. Honestly, if you really donƒ??t think you can quit smoking, either because of the addiction or just because you enjoy it as much as I did, please, try a good ecig (not those disposable ones). Most of the starter mods run about the same price as a carton of smokes. Along with juice, it lasts longer than a carton ever could! And most juices, online at least, range from $4.99 for a 15ml bottle to $39.99 for a 236ml bottle at Mt Baker Vapor. They are good quality, and they have quite a large list of different flavors. Do some research before you buy a mod. There are many ecig community forums, and check Redit for deals and good mods. Ecigs are the best thing that Iƒ??ve found to improve my health and lifestyle habits in a very long time!