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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Being 66, here’s my lil’ story fer ya’ll: Started smoking full time as an 18 yo in basic training (’65)… mostly 1.5 to 2+ PaDs ever since. Eighteen years ago I quit cold turkey by my own choosing. Day-um, I was miserable. After four weeks I told my bride that I was thinking about starting smoking again. She encouraged, Give it a while longer. Well, six weeks later, after gaining 27 pounds and making life miserable for everyone around me; family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances AND strangers, I told my bride that I was gonna start smoking again. Her response, Please do! My three daughters, young teens at that time, have since then told me that those ten weeks were the worst in their lives. WHOA! Well, I knew I HAD to quit but didn’t want to put anyone through my misery again. HOT DAY-UM, found the ECF site and made a few well informed purchases, thanx to the wonderful folk there. The eGo batt and eGo Mega dual coil cartomizers did the job. Granted, Iƒ??m beyond the eGo combo, but thatƒ??s ƒ??nother story! Here I am after 48 years of my ol’smoking habit, 28 months in on a fantastic journey; tobacco free, no stomped kittens, no road rage AND no being a b*tch with balls! And I’m one of the lucky vapers in that my first vape was the absolute end to my ‘bakky habit. As for my e-cig health benefits: – Lower blood pressure – 15 pt drop in both sys & dia – Higher O2 absorption – 92% to 98% – ‘Clean’ chest x-ray after a past indication of emphysema – Healthier gums/whiter teeth – as per dentist – No more nose soot in the AM – No longer a mouth breather, although I have a deviated septum and narrow nasal passages – No colds – used to get ’em twice a year that hung on. A couple of months ago I had a runny nose for three days… no cold. That would have developed into a major chest cold prior to vaping. – Higher sensitivity to the salt in processed foods. And to think I would add salt in my ‘bakky days. – Higher IQ – hey, I did quit smoking! As for a possible e-cig liquid ‘black market’ due to legislation and/or taxation, I’ll proudly be an integral part of it. Yes, I DIY! End note: If ya’ll can use part of my testimony, feel free to edit to meet your possible usage! With fondest regards, Johnny (Iffy) Caldwell Bradenton, FL, US of A