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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

To All, I started smoking in my teens and that was a long time ago. I’ve tried patches, gum, mints all worked for a small period of time, but were totally unsatisfying – always a pause to my next butt. A couple years ago my local liquor store started selling these e-cigs. They barely worked it was an atomizer that looked like a butt with a battery. Was pretty bad. I tried a few of these then some disposables that were pretty good – cost was $8-10 for a couple hours of vape which is pretty expensive. Next, I found a Butt (Cartridge) / Battery type that you could drip a couple drops of liquid into. This was a game changer but messy as hell, but I now knew that e-liquid was the way to go. I gave up the e-cig, because there was no good system available yet. A few months ago I was on set on my 13th feature film as Director of Photography and I look over and the boom operator has what looks like a tank on a battery device and he is vaping it getting nice amounts of vapor. I was amazed that they had come out with such a device. Immediately, I knew smoking analog butts was over for me. I found something similar at my local tobacco shop, a bit costly at $75 bucks for two tanks and two batteries plus juice. I made the decision and bought my last pack of butts. When I got to the last couple smokes went over and bought the system and cowboy tobacco juice 2.4%. I went about my night as usual had a cocktail and it worked really well. The third day was the hardest I wanted a smoke with my drink that night and I just vaped more and that was the last time I even wanted an analog. Now, it’s six months later and I have a few VV mods that I use at work and at home I enjoy full mechanical with a dual coil dripping atomizer that is incredible. It is a hobby that is super fun (especially being a super technical guy). I get to read up on ohm’s law collect devices – the best hobby. With advanced Mods my nicotine level has gone from High to low – .6mg – 1mg max. I am also an avid surfer and my lung capacity is so improved – its crazy. I surf harder and better than ever. Be careful though, the taste improvement for me meant a lot of stuff I liked now tasted bad. Especially hard liquor. I loved to drink straight up vodka and smoke analogs. Now that my taste is improved I can barely stand it. Don’t really like the liquor any more – another bonus. So yes, for improved health all around and best chance at turning that nasty analog habit into a fun less harmful hobby – VAPE. And for all you Nazi bureaucrats that want to turn us back to the stone age and ban e-cigs or e-liquid or Mods in any form and leave the public with nothing, but disgusting analog cigarettes to keep your hospital beds full and funeral homes booming and big business of death and repression going – the American People will vote you out – it’s just a matter of time. Best, Peter Lugo Director of Photography Hollywood, CA