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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hi, my name is Regina, I’m from a small town in Ky. I have smoked for 35 years and would be going on 36 had my son not introduced me to joyetech ego c upgrade with rebuildable vapor liquid holders and a vapor shop in Richmond , Ky. I originally bought it to smoke less at work and not have cigarette smoke on my clothes around patients ( yes I am a nurse ), to my surprise after using it a day I only smoked a couple the next day. After that I only vaped. I did get aggrevated one time and tried a real one , after four puffs I was ready to put it out and go get my flavored e cig , the real one was nasty!!!! Through the years I have used wellbutrin and patches, nicotine nasal spray nicotrol inhalers and chantix three times.The last time I used chantix I was dreaming so vividly and in such a mean mood I said forget it the morning I woke up telling my husband to bring me my purse ( I thought a thief was in the house and I thought my grandchildren were there, neither thief nir grandchildren were there!!!! No more chantix after that, I was even yelling at my mother for petty things!!! No ill effects have I seen since using the e cig other than a worse cough the first couple of weeks I am decreasing nicotine slowly and THE E CIG HAS WORKED. It would br such a shame for anyone to try and take it away or tax it so bad people could not afford to buy it.Hopefully FDA will see it is a much healthier option than real tobacco abd much more successful at helping people kick the real cigarette habit