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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Tom Blackwell. I am 38 years old from Leesburg, Florida. I started smoking like many others in High School. My crowd of friends smoked so I started around the age of 15. I smoked a pack a day plus for 22 years. I had a near fatal car accident when I was only 18 years old in 1993. I broke all 4 limbs, a wrist and ankle, had a collapsed lung, concussion and a shattered my left hip and pelvis. I quit Smoking entirely on Aug 20th 2012. I had a hospital born hip infection from a botched hip replacement in Feb 2011. I had been sick to the point of near death until August 2012. I lost a lot of bone and flesh in my left thigh due to the celulitis from the streptococcus Intermedius (they called it a superbug) and my new hip doctor who specializes in infected joint replacements, mostly hips and knees. He told me that I would have a 50/50 shot if I kept smoking that I would either have my leg removed and be in a wheelchair or death. If I quit smoking my chances went up to 85%. That is when I discovered vaping. I haven’t looked back since. I am infection free and am recuperating from my 3rd hip replacement in less than 8 years. I had no left hip and pelvis from August 24th 2012 to Feb. 3rd 2013. They had to remove the replacement. Kill the infection with 2 rounds of IV antibiotics, and then wait for 4 months to make sure it wasn’t coming back then put the new hip in. Vaping really saved my life! I tried the patch and it never worked for me. I also tried medicines to help and they didn’t work either. I promised my mother I would quit smoking by the time I was 30. I let her down and then it was 35. I let her down again. I felt horrible. Like a loser and I basically felt like I lied to my Mother and that was unacceptable. When I told her to give me to 40 I thought I was lying right to her face. I truly thought I would never quit smoking but as soon as I tried my first electronic cigarette I knew I could quit. I havenĀƒ??t smoked one cigarette since August 20th 2012. I am 38 years old and quit smoking shortly after my 37th birthday. I smoked cigarettes since I was 15 years old. I can smell, taste, and breathe so much better and I feel better too. I thank God every night before I go to bed for electronic cigarettes.