About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

After 8 years of smoking approximately a pack a day of menthol cigarettes I switched to an electronic cigarette sold be ecigcharleston. They had a retail establishment outside of Charleston, South Carolina and after debating the switch for a few weeks I made my initial purchase. Since that day almost a year ago I have not had a single conventional cigarette. I use a variable voltage ego battery and a tank system. Both my health and my wallet have improved dramatically from this decision. I am active duty navy and had a variety of options provided for me but after trying gum and patches I always went back to smoking. The initial cost of batteries and tanks and fluid was substantial however the continued cost is less than $30 a month which is a substantial reduction from the cost of cigarettes. At first the other benefits were not substantial however as time went on I noticed my breathing was easier and I was not as winded after running. After about two months I no longer had the sinus infections that had plauged me for years. While I continue to cut down the nicotine strength of my fluid with the eventual end result of quitting completely I have found that at least for me the electronic cigarette option has helped me to eliminate regular cigarettes completely. I still purchase all of my fluids from the same supplier which consist of food grade P.G. and V.G. food grade flavor and nicotine. and while I understand that these chemicals when atomized and inhaled behave differently than when ingested I find it much more comforting to know exactly whats in what I’m smoking then to not know at all. I do not advocate to others any health benefits since as far as I’ve seen any research is limited at best however it is my experience that my health has improved and that the electronic cigarette seems to be a safer option. My general health has improved, I have fewer sinus issues, and my oral health has improved markedly(as stated by the dentist that I see). These to me constitute real benefits and warrant future in depth study of electronic cigarettes as a viable smoking cessation product. The other obvious benefit is the lack of second hand smoke, which was also important to me as I have three small children, 9 5 and 2. They also view my electronic cigarette favorably as it doesnt make me smell and while they understand its not good to smoke at all at least my smoking is now less harmfull to them.