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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Mike Jacobson and I live in the northern part of Illinois in the town of Wauconda. I have been smoking cigarettes for over 32 years. I smoked a pack and a half a day. As I got older I had problems breathing, wheezed at night when I was trying to sleep, had shortness of breath and coughed up gobs of crap on a daily basis. I tried to quit many times by going cold turkey without any aids, by using Welibutrin medication, by using older e-cigs that did not deliver the vapor available currently, by using nicorette gum and by using the patch. None of these methods worked for me and although I knew I was jeopardizing my health I continued to smoke even after being diagnosed with chronic bronchitis.My Dad passed away a few years ago from lung cancer, yet I still continued to smoke. Then A valet person who parked my car one day talked me into trying his e-cigarette. I had my doubts because I had tried the older weaker e-cigarettes yaers before, and they did not quite have the performance I needed to actually quit smoking. He had an eVic (large battery) with a tank of juice and the taste and vapor that product (as well as others) produce was enough to satisfy my need to smoke. I was so excited I went out and got myself one the next morning. At first I smoked cigarettes and ‘vaped’ my electronic cigarette for about a week. I gradually cut down on cigarettes and after a few weeks cigarettes started tasting disgusting to me and I totally quit. For about two months now I have only used my electronic cigarette. I do not wheez EVER, I cannot cough up any ‘flem’ no matter how hard I try. I quit using a medication inhaler to breath and I feel 100 times better. I feel like I literally saved my life by converting to e-cigarettes. I know there are people out there who can’t say if e-cigs are ‘healthy’ but I can personally tell you MY body tells ME they are far better than smoking. I have not had any side effects from e-cigs, unless you call being able to walk and ride mu bike again a side effect. My kids will hopefully have their Dad in their life longer as well as their Mom. Because I actually felt so strong about these e-cigs I bought one for my EX wife. I also bought one for my Fiance and her Mother. My fiance has also totally quit smoking and doesn’t cough all day like she used to. My ex-wife has cut down smoking drastically so far, and my future mother in law also has cut down smoking about 1/2 as much as she used to so far. I cannot understand how any government agency could even consider taking my e-cig away. I would end up smoking again I guarantee it. My Fiance also agrees that she would feel the need to smoke again if she did not have her e-cig. If any person or agency is considering banning these e-cigs they are literally guaranteeing people will die from smoking. I don’t understand how anyone with a conscience could sleep at night if they banned these e-cigs knowing they are literally sentencing people like me to an early death. I hope my story helps others to try e-cigs and opens the eyes of the uncertain as to the benefits of these products. Thank you!