About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked roughly a pack of cigarettes per day for 11 years and despite multiple attempts to quit was never able to go more than a week without buying cigarettes. I picked up an electronic cigarette 7 weeks ago and haven’t purchased a cigarette since. In the first week I smoked four tobacco cigarettes and I have not had one since. I started vaping with NJoy and Blue e cigs….the one that look like regular cigarettes. But within two weeks I had moved on to more powerful batteries and a refillable clearomizer system. I use primarily fruit flavored juices because after I quit smoking my sense of taste returned, and tobacco flavors disinterest me. I started at 16mg of nicotine and very quickly dropped to 11mg. Now, 7 weeks in, I just ordered my first 6mg juices. I intend to stay at 6mg for quite a while but may someday move on to zero nicotine. When I was a smoker I tried multiple methods of quitting and none worked.Patches gave me nightmares, severely irritated my skin, and did not work. Lozenges tasted terrible, could not be used while drinking (alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages), and did not work. Allen Carr’s book did not work more than 3 days. Cold turkey did not last. Every one of those methods completely failed when I was around people who were smoking or when I consumed even a single alcoholic beverage. Electronic cigarettes have overcome both of those obstacles. I never tried any of the pills because I had a bad reaction to an SSRI a few years ago so I likely would have suffered the worst side effects of those drugs. I have witnessed the extraordinary mood swings Chantix has caused in multiple friends who have used it. Even in 7 short weeks my life is better. I can catch my breath. I can take stairs. I can taste food. I don’t have to shower multiple times a day to get smoke off of my skin. I have more time. I don’t have to spend 1/10 of my time in the alley behind my apartment so I can smoke. And I am saving money. Not only is vaping cheaper than smoking; I also don’t have to go into a gas station or bodega every day to buy cigarettes which means I’m not buying the chips or soda or sweets that always accompanied the cigarette purchase