About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I was a 2pk a day smoker for almost 12yrs, sometimes would smoke a carton in 3 days!! I started smoking at 13 and have tried to quit multiple times with no success. I’ve tried Chantix, Nicorette, Patches everything….. including a $1000 incentive from a previous employer whom also covered the cost of all cessation products!!! Nothing worked, I craved it, I realized that it had less to do with the Nicotine, I craved the activity the visceral connection. I stumbled across e-cigarettes a few years ago in passing and decided to give it a try. I was very skeptical about it as a quit smoking aid but soon I was down to less than a pack a day which turned into less than a pack a week and I wasn’t even TRYING!!! After about 6mo the smell of cigarettes and a used ash tray made me nauseous that’s when I quit. I have now been Vaping for 3yrs with ZERO adverse side effects, in fact my last Dr checkup showed over 96% blood oxygen saturation. I feel better, I can breath better, I don’t wake up hacking. I smell better, my stuff smells better, my wife is happier, my kids are happy and tell me everyday that they are proud of me for not smoking. Some may say I traded one bad habit for another but I am down to 0 and 6mg of nicotine in my E-Cig. There are over 4000 know ingredients in an analog cigarette 60+ of which have been known and identified to cause cancer. Some say that we don’t know what’s in e-cigarette juice bull, I make my own Juice and know for a fact there are only 4-6 ingredients, NONE of which have ever been proven to be carcinogenic, In fact most of the ingredients have been identified and approved by the FDA for other purposes. USP grade propylene Glycol has been classified by the FDA as GRAS which means Generally Regarded As SAFE to inhale and is a known ingredient in a Medical HOSPITAL NEBULIZER. Flavoring is FOOD GRADE confectionary flavoring and NICOTINE itself has never been classified as Carcinogenic!!!!! Yes it is addictive, but that’s why we smoke, for the nicotine, it’s not the nicotine that’s necessarily bad. It’s everything else in an analog cigarette!!!! Here’s another PROOF story, 2yrs ago a close friend was diagnosed with emphysema, from smoking, quit smoking and started vaping. To DATE does not have emphysema, is not on oxygen or a respirator nor a nebulizer. So tell me it’s bad for me!