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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Ecig Vaping Life Change Hello, my name is Kristy Acord age 43 and I smoked cigarettes for over 30 years. The only times I ever quit smoking was during my 3 pregnancies. A few years ago I started having health issues from smoking cigarettes such as chronic coughing, sore throat and shortness of breath. For about 2 years I tried several different methods of quitting smoking such as nicotine gum, prescription medication and cold turkey quitting. Needless to say none of these things worked for me. I was starting to get depressed, feel sick all the time but unable to put down my cigarette! Then one day my 24 year old daughter showed up for a visit from college with an electronic cigarette! She had an ego type battery with a clearomizer tip and many flavors of liquid! I tried the Ecig over the weekend while she was here and decided on Monday to order my own kit which included two ego batteries four clearomizers and four liquids in different flavors from a local e-cigarette Online Store. I checked my package tracking number and knew that my package was going to be here Thursday when the mail ran which was usually around noon. I went to bed Wednesday night with only two cigarettes remaining in my pack and in my possession. While waiting for the mail to run I smoked my two cigarettes very slowly, a few drags at a time and then putting it back out to make it last until the mail ran. I was waiting, impatiently by the time the mailman headed my way down the block. I was starting to get grouchy once I had the package opened and realized I still had to unwrap everything, fill the clearomizer and let it sit for a couple of minutes for the liquid to soak into the wicks. The whole time trying to convince my cigarette craving mind and body that this would be the answer to my prayers, wishes and health issues! I can now, one year, one month and twenty seven days later, tell you That IT WAS EVERYTHING I NEEDED, WANTED AND WISHED FOR!!! I have been vaping every single day since then and I have never smoked another cigarette, craved another cigarette or even had one single thought of picking up another cigarette to smoke!!! I have been using an ego battery with several different types of clearomizers and have tried several different eliquid stores online across the county for my supplies! I have shared my story with family, friends and my doctors with everyone noticing the change in my health and breathing. I have also gotten at least twenty other people using this incredible, unsurpassed method of stopping cigarette smoking as I’ve ever seen or heard about. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want to ban this amazing life changing product which I know for a fact has saved my body from a life of emphysema, lung cancer, throat cancer, or any type of cigarette/tobacco related cancers or even just a cigarette addiction that ruled my life, by having to take cigarette breaks from restaurants, hospitals, stores, malls or any other place that doesn’t allow smoking! In the wonderful world of e cigarettes, I have yet to be thrown out Of ANYWHERE for vaping!!! The best way for me to relay this fact to you is a story of my best friend, Tracy, who I convinced to try the ecig and has now also been vaping for about a year, went in for surgery on her back. I went to visit her after her surgery was over and she was in a room for recovery and was pleasantly surprised to see her bedside tray loaded up with all of her vaping supplies and she was vaping away, even while the nurse came in to see her!!! I know that somehow, someway the people opposed to vaping, ecigs, eliquid, or anything to do with this method of smoking cessation will come to realize by first hand experiences from people like me, who’s life has been changed for the better, that this does not need to be banned! It is everything we need to stop the epidemic of smoking related illnesses and deaths in this country and others. Thank you for taking the time to read my story! I promise you that everything I’ve started is true and nothing has been altered to make it sound better! This is my story and was written while I vaped using my ego battery, a bottom coil clearomizer and marshmallow flavored18mg eliquid! Sincerely, Kristy Acord