About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I am sure I share similar experiences with many e-cigarette users but some unique details often make every story worth telling. At the age of thirteen I found a pack of cigarettes (Pall-Mall filterless) left, accidentally Iƒ??m sure, by a worker at a new housing construction project in Charlotte, NC. After smoking one with a friend, right there sitting on the attic crossbeams, I placed the more than half-full pack in my jacket pocket. I experimented with them several times over the next week and, despite getting extremely sick on one particular day, I kept smoking and managed to get cigarettes somehow until I could legally buy them myself. My first attempt to quit smoking did not come until several years later at the age of 20 and this lasted less than a few days. No thought was given to quitting again until around 1980 when my employer banned smoking inside the office. This time I went to a group hypnosis session sponsored by the American Heart Association and I ceased smoking for almost three full days while chewing on cloves when the urge to smoke got unbearable for me. Loss of clear thought and blurred vision were interfering with job performance and I joined the ranks of cigarette smokers at the rear of the office building smoking the cancer sticks. Over the next 30 years I was prescribed medications and patches by doctors and none worked for me. Finally I went to an acupuncturist in Houston, TX who helped me successfully quit smoking for three years. Eventually I picked up cigars, thinking they would be less harmful because I wouldnƒ??t be inhaling (yeah, right!) but I did inhale. And then I tried smoking a pipe but managed to inhale pipe tobacco smoke on a regular basis. I saw an ad for e-cigarettes on the web and decided to research these products. I eventually ordered a set of two devices so I could share with my significant other and started out with tobacco flavored nicotine liquids. After only one week, I felt no need to overlap pipe tobacco with the e-cigarette use. That was March, 2012 and I have not smoked a cigarette, cigar or pipe since then. I have reduced the nicotine concentration in my nicotine liquids over time and may someday be nicotine free if I ever choose to do so. But, in the meantime I am fully enjoying the health improvement benefits of not inhaling burning tobacco. I feel healthy and have been enthusiastically pursuing other healthy habits of exercise and balanced nutrition in my diet. I am truly grateful for the advances in technology that delivered the e-cigarette. There are many others that share that gratitude.