About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Started smoking cigarettes off and on in 1982. Joined Navy in 1986 and while in the Navy, my habit grew to 2+ packs a day until quit ƒ??cold-turkeyƒ? in 1997. During that 14 year period of time, there wasnƒ??t a day that went by that I didnƒ??t think about smoking again. Finally gave in to the desire to smoke and started again during the summer of 2011. It was as if Iƒ??d never quit and was quickly back to 1 1/2+ packs a day. Every time I would light up, hated the fact that after so long not smoking I couldnƒ??t keep fighting the desire. I constantly looked for an alternative that would satisfy the urge and not be anywhere as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. Tried cigars for a while but found that I just smoked both. In late April, following a bad bout with pneumonia, my son suggested my wife and I try vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. He told us of a colleague he has that managed to quit smoking after 40 years. That man had a heart attack and still found it impossible to quit until he tried vaping. At the point my son was telling us the manƒ??s experience, it had been just over a year since he began and heƒ??d not smoked a cigarette since. My wife and I set the date, got the equipment needed and began to vape May 1st, 2013. Vaping is the answer weƒ??d been looking for and believe (at this point) weƒ??ll never go back to smoking cigarettes. We had a few packs of cigarettes left over when we started and found that after a week or so we had no desire to smoke them so trashed those easily. Thought about giving them away but decided we didnƒ??t want to add to anyone’s pain and help them continue such a dangerous habit. I wouldn’t wish the habit of smoking cigarettes for my worst enemy. As for the cigars, those stayed around until a couple of weeks ago. Had my humidor pretty well packed. Thought I’d find an opportunity to enjoy them at later date but, each time thought about lighting one found myself desiring to vape instead of smoke. I knew a fellow who enjoyed cigars but couldn’t afford it very often so I gave him all I had; cigars, humidor, cutters, etc. Instead of looking at it as money lost (in my case a few hundred dollars), Iƒ??ve decided to look at it as an investment in my family’s future for better health and longer life. Financially weƒ??ll save thousands of dollars a year vaping over using cigarettes. We gladly tell every smoker we meet to trash those ugly things and make the choice of a better life by vaping instead of smoking.