About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked 1 to 1.5 packs a day of full flavor cigarettes (100s)for 31 years. Over the last 20 of those years I had tried multiple times the following methods to quit smoking: Gradually cutting down the daily number in hopes of eventually quitting. Cold turkey. Patch Gum Medication that was semi successful in cutting back the daily number but not in quitting. Medication that caused nightmares and psychotic thoughts (both medications USDA approved…) Counseling. Smoking cessation groups. On three occasions over those twenty years I was able to quit for under a month each time before picking it back up again. Two of those times were cold turkey, one was the non psychotic induced dream/thought prescription medication. I picked up eCigarettes in hopes of just cutting back, already giving up on the idea of being able to quit what I truly believe is a Government backed fatally addictive money and health sapping drug. In 2 days I was smoke free. TWO DAYS! A week later I threw out the remains of my last pack that I placed in the freezer to keep fresh just in case I needed them. That was three years ago last month. I started with a cig-a-like and shortly moved on to a MOD as battery life was a huge issue. I tried a cigarette last year just to see if I missed it. Nope, it was pretty nasty actually. Within two weeks my wife commented that I no longer wheezed at night. In a couple of months I had hacked up the last of the tar from my lungs. I went from having border line high blood pressure to normal blood pressure. I can exercise/climb stairs/hills without running out of breath in 30 seconds. While I have not stopped using nicotine, I have changed the method I use to deliver it to one that has removed literally hundreds of known and documented cancer causing substances added to cigarettes in the manufacturing process. What I have replaced it with, both big business and the government are fighting hard to make illegal, or make a huge profit off of. If our health was actually their priority, the government would fund vaping and make all materials free to all who want them. They would still save money in the long run by way of reduced medical costs. That leaves money as the likely motivation for the war against ecigs, not a concern for our health. It’s sad. I am blessed to have found ecigs, the quality of my life and health was already markedly improved in the first few months of vaping. In the time that I have been vaping I have cut back the nicotine level but probably won’t ever stop entirely. Like when I smoked and now with vaping, I enjoy it. The difference is that know I don’t have a nagging conscience that I am killing myself and the affects of smoking were obvious not to mention the long tern effects I could not discern. I fell healthier now and am more active. Nicotine is found naturally in many of the foods that we eat. Nicotine was never the cause of cancer. It was the burning and inhalation of hundreds of chemicals approved for my consumption by my government. Vaping is taking in nicotine and flavoring suspended in vapor. There are no suspended solids, ash, smoke or chemical reactions going into my lungs. Please get with the program and do what is right. Stop fighting what is good and start supporting it.