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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My husband says he started smoking young…like 16. When I met him he smoked Dunhill Internationals a box or so a day. With prices of cigs going up and up, and us then having 2 children we added to the mix, along with the 1 I already had…he switched to Marlboro reds still about a pack a day. He has quit a few times, but always starts back up…or never really quits, just sneaks them hear and there. Now in his middle 30’s and having lost his father to lung cancer more than 5 years ago, despite the fact his own father had quit smoking 15+ years prior to his death, I bugged him all the time to quit. To help this my sister heard of something new. We had tired another e-cig…he never really liked it. I forget what that one was called, but deluxe starter kit was like $150 and all you really had was normal or menthol cartridges to add. It never worked right, he didn’t like the flavor, etc. Then my sister turned him onto FreedomSmokeUSA in Tucson, AZ. My Dad agreed to pay $100 each for them to get starter kits and try to quit smoking. My husband liked vaping right away. The variety of flavors they offer is OUT OF THIS WORLD. You can get any strength in any flavor. He has spent some money getting just the right battery and tank, so that he gets the hit he wants and blows the amount of water-vapor he likes to see. After just a few months he was able to increase the MG, buy a tobacco flavor and KICK his 20 year smoking habit. It has been a year now and he has worked his way from 30mg nicotine down to 15mg. He can leave the thing for periods of a few hours and NOT go crazy. THANKS FreedomSmokeUSA for finally making my husband successful at quitting smoking, and having NO desire to go back.