About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I’m twenty-four years old and I smoked for thirteen years. I struggled for years to quit using the patch and gum, but they simply didn’t satisfy my whole habit. I needed to keep my hands busy and you can’t do that with gum or the patch. I picked up an electronic cigarette and immediately it just took. I kept my hands and mouth busy, got just enough nicotine to satiate my habit to a point where I could back down. I’m now down to 12mg from the 18mg of nicotine I started at in just a little over a month so far. My first week, I had one or two analogs, or conventional cigarettes, a day, and the rest was all vape. I felt amazing. I could breathe better, taste better, smell better, not to mention I do smell better and my teeth are whiter from the absence of the tar and ash. By the end of that week, I stopped smoking analogs completely and haven’t looked back. If not for vaping, I am certain I would have smoked myself to death in the long run. I’m even healthier in other, unexpected ways as well. I am losing weight; a rather good thing as I am well overweight and I’m happier, less stressed. For me, I’m losing weight and living a little healthier because my sweet tooth can be satiated by vaping a sweet dessert flavor like cheesecake, instead of eating cheesecake. The same goes for many sugary sodas which I can now get flavors for as well, so I drink more water. I’m also more active because I can breathe like new. I run and play with the dog and my little cousins, football with my friends, and am able to help my father more tending our property all because I can breathe, my chest isn’t heavy and constricted, and I’m steadily losing the excess weight that makes all of those things so difficult. There is simply no facet of my life that isn’t better since making the switch. I’m happier, more social, people actually approach me more freely now because I don’t smell like an ashtray (And because an APV or mod is a great conversation piece), I’m even more confident because there isn’t that concern of how my smoking will go over with someone. E-cigs are amazing devices that have transformed my life into something much better for me, and those around me.