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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hello. My name is Jack. I was a 1 ?«-2 PAD smoker for 22 years. I had tried to quit on three occasions prior to last year. I took Chantix twice and tried to quit cold turkey once. The first time I took Chantix I actually quit for almost two months, but I never feltƒ??right. I never had thoughts of harming myself or others, I just didnƒ??t care on a fundamental level. I then tried to quit cold turkey a few years later, but that only lasted for two days. I then decided that I would try Chantix again. I figured that maybe the feelings I had while I was on it before were just a fluke. I was wrong. It was much worse. That time on Chantix I didnƒ??t care whether I was alive or not. I never quit while on Chantix that time because I only took it for a week before I decided that Iƒ??d rather smoke than feel that way. Last year my Mother passed away due to bladder cancer. The doctor told us that bladder cancer is one of the types of cancer directly linked to smoking. She smoked for over 40 years. After my mother passed away I decided that I would quit smoking by any means necessary. Since I had such horrific experiences with Chantix, my doctor prescribed anti-depressants. Apparently, anti-depressants can have the ƒ??side effectƒ? of making a smoker not want to smoke. I quit for 3 days and started to wean myself off of it after nightmares and extreme agitation. I then tried Auricular therapy. It only worked for 48 hours before I was smoking again. Next, after hearing some really positive feedback from people I knew, I decided to read, ƒ??The Easy Way to Stop Smokingƒ? by Allen Carr. After reading Mr. Carrƒ??s book I decided to quit cold turkey again. I started smoking again after three days because I couldnƒ??t handle the withdrawal (ie: hot flashes, cold sweats, mood swings, etc.). After that attempt, I became resolute in the fact that I would always be a smoker and that I would die just as my Mother had. Until last week. Last week my five year old son said to me, ƒ??Daddy when you step outside (I only smoked outdoors), why do you focus on cigarettes? Why donƒ??t you focus on the fresh air? If you smoke, Youƒ??ll die like nanny did. I donƒ??t want you to die.ƒ? These simple words from my son saved my life. I decided that I didnƒ??t want to take the pharmaceutical route again and I had heard of Personal Vaporizers (PVƒ??s) from a couple of friends of mine. I did some research over the course of a few days and decided to try the EVOD starter kit by Tanger. I then ordered three 15ml liquids with 24mg of nicotine. When my supplies came a few days later, I decided that I would gradually wean myself off of analog cigarettes. I started ƒ??vapingƒ? at 6:30 pm on Thursday July 25th, and I havenƒ??t picked up a cigarette since. I even have four in the pack that I had left from that day. Now, the smell of cigarettes give me a headache and make me feel nauseas. Since I can take full breathes, I actually have to re-learn how to breathe. I have more energy. Things taste and smell the way theyƒ??re supposed to again (btw, McDonalds hamburgers donƒ??t taste remotely like real hamburger). Even my circulation has improved! My hands and feet donƒ??t fall asleep like they did before. I should also save almost $4500 per year. Overall my quality of life has vastly improved in just nine days. I couldnƒ??t be happier or more excited to be finally free of the ƒ??evil weedƒ?. This was all made possible because of PVƒ??s and a five year old little boy. I will be eternally grateful to both.