About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I have smoked on and off since 1975. I quit each time I was pregnant and nursing and picked it back up each time. I tried nicotine patches and gum with success, but always craved cigarettes and a stress relief only inhaling would provide. My longest time smoke free was nine years, which ended on my son’s second deployment to Iraq. After my divorce, I purchased my very own home and took on my very own mortgage. At this point I took charge of my life and decided to go electronic for a variety of reasons. Primarily health, mine ( I always wanted to quit the carcinogens associated with smoking), my wounded soldier, my grandchildren’s , children’s, my dog, my fianc??e’s and any visitors. Smoking is expensive, in cigarettes, health insurance and in health issues. It smells foul in clothing, home and car. Smoking is offensive and truly limits your life. I started with kr808 devices as they most closely resembled cigarettes, went with clearomizers. With instant success, I decided to go with a more serious type of ecig, a vision twist and larger cleaormizers. The nicotine level has gone from 24 to 18, currently at 12. Now that is progress! My fianc??e decided to go electronic six months into my journey and has been smoke free for over 6 months, he was truly a hardcore smoker who knew he could never quit. Well after a year, I have no regrets, no pneumonia either. Six of my coworkers/friends have been inspired by our success and have gone totally smoke free. The large company that I work for is very supportive of our endeavor and rewards us with insurance credit for being smoke free. I find that the many smokers that I speak to on a daily basis really want to quit, they see how happy I am to have made this change, how many sick days I do not have to use, how much money I save and I happily pass on as much information as I can. This was truly a lifesaving, health saving decision that I made, that has improved the health and financial well being of many. So spread the word, and please keep the costs down. Smoke free!