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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Quit Date: Oct 19, 2011 History: * 2 Pack per day smoker for 36 years * Started smoking at the age of 14 * Raised in a household where both parents smoked * Started noticing signs of COPD and/or emphysema approx 2009 Attempts to quit: I was able to quit for a couple weeks using the patch once , for the most part though I couldn’t wait to take that thing off and have a smoke. Many times I would just light up while it was still on. It itched, irritated, and I could not wear it at night because of the vivid dreams. Nicotine gum was simply something I could use on a plane during a long flight. Other than that it was useless. I had pretty much resigned myself to smoking until I died at this point. I did like to smoke, I enjoyed it, just not what it was doing to my body (or wallet). How I quit: I don’t recall exactly how I found out about electronic cigarettes, most likely noticed one in a store or online ad and decided to do a little research on the internet. I found a vendors website and ordered a pair of EGO starter kits. I literally smoked my last cigarette while I opened that fedex box. I have not had a cigarette, or cigar in almost two years. It was quite literally the easiest transition ever, one that has given me hope for a better rest of my life. Other success: Just recently while walking with my daughter she commented that I used to not be able to keep up with her. She asked me to slow down. I had surgery a few months before quitting (bicep repair) and had difficulties in post op. My low blood oxygen level (86% i think) kept setting off the alarm. A recent procedure showed my blood oxygen level steady at 97%. Regards, and thank you. I know this is a pretty typical story