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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked cigarettes for 35 years. 5 mos ago, I tried a disposable electronic cigarette. It did not work for me. It did not replace the need for a cigarette. 3 mos ago I went to a electronic cigarette store and they explained the differences and helped me select a entry level e-liquid kit. I started out with a 24mg liquid. For about a week, I smoked regular cigarettes and used the electronic cigarette. It actually took me the full week to go through 2 packs of cigarettes. I was a pack a day smoker, so that was a great reduction for me. When I finished the last pack of cigarettes, I thought I might as well try just the electronic cigarette and see what happened. I have never been successful with quitting the regular cigarettes, so I did not have much hope. However, it has now been 3 months since I have smoked a cigarette. About a month after being on the electronic cigarette, I thought I would try a regular cigarette. It was the most disgusting thing I could imagine. After 3 drags I had to throw it out. I hurried home and brushed my teeth and used the strongest mouthwash I could find to get rid of the taste. I still have that pack of cigarettes in my car with the one missing ƒ?? just to remind me of how horrible it tasted. I have not even wanted another regular cigarette since then. I am now at 18mg and am moving to 12mg. My goal is to eventually get to 0mg and quit the electronic cigarette completely. I have used all sorts of methods to try to stop smoking in the past. I have used the patches, Zyban, Chantix, you name it. Nothing worked until now. The longest I was able to go without smoking with these other methods was 3 months. But it was agonizing the entire time. It was a constant battle with the cravings and emotional roller coaster. My family had to endure this torture with me. But they were troupers and supported me in all of my efforts without complaint. Since I have quit smoking and am now using the electronic cigarette exclusively, I have experienced many benefits. First and foremost, my family is not exposed to second hand smoke and they are very happy not to have the smell and constant stopping to let me smoke. I no longer have a constant cough and do not get winded easily with exercise or exertion. I can smell and taste things now and I do not have constant sinus infections and bronchitis. My blood work has shown great improvement and my oxygen levels have increased. I have a yearƒ??s worth of blood work history that you are welcome to review that shows 9 mos of smoking and 3 mos of no smoking. I have energy and am able to go to Zumba and walk without feeling tired and unable to breath. I would recommend electronic cigarettes to anyone that wants to quit smoking. But make sure you go to a place that has knowledgeable employees or search online for good information. Ask lots of questions and join the reputable forums online. There is a wealth of information to help you on your journey and people that want to help and not just make a buck.