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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hi, my name is Bobbie Tipton, I am 38 years old, I have smoked since I was 14, and I loved to smoke, and I have had trouble with my breathing all my life. I knew it was not smart to start smoking but as with most kids back then it was the ƒ??inƒ? thing. Over the years I have tried quitting several different times with different methods with bad results. I have tried quitting cold turkey, gum, patches, pills none of them worked the longest I had ever went was a few weeks without a cigarette until I was right back on them. I finally became one of those people that said I was going to be the ones that died with a cigarette in my hand. I would say ƒ??you have to die somehowƒ? and ƒ??quitting is for quittersƒ? I was fighting a losing battle with COPD and 2-3 times a year I was being put into the hospital for pneumonia or some kind of infection that my COPD was affecting. I was waking up in the middle of the night and early in the morning coughing and hacking and sounding like a 90 year old woman that had smoked all of her life and that had just been caught in a massive forest fire. I could not breath, I would sit and huff and puff and wonder where my next breath was coming from BUT I WOULD LIGHT UP ANOTHER ONE. Yes I knew how stupid it was but I COULD NOT QUIT! I was smoking 3 pack of Marlboros a day, close to $12 a day, which averages out to $360 a month. We do not have much money and what little we do have is spent as soon as we get it so spending this much on something like this is really stupid but again I COULD NOT QUIT!! Then 15 months ago I happened upon this little booth at a flea market that was selling these Electric Cigarettes and I had already researched them to see all the pros and cons about them and could not find where there were any documented bad things about them. So I stopped in and asked about them and the dealer sold me one. He started me out on 18mg of nicotine, I used that e-cig all day that day and noticed I had not smoked a real cigarette at all and really did not want one. And then went the whole day the next day then the day after but was also noticing that something was missing that I was still needing something. So the next weekend I went back to that booth and spoke to the guy and he said I may need to raise the nicotine level so he suggested 24mg but I asked if he had anything bigger and he gave me 36mg . I have been on that ever since. I did not start vaping to quit smoking. I did it for a few reasons. 1. To try to see if it would improve my breathing. 2. When I am on the computer or doing crafts I would light a cigarette a put it in the ashtray and forget about it and waste it. 3. Whenever I would set up at that little flea market I could vape while I was setting up inside instead of having to go outside to smoke. So did it help me? YES!! After the first 2 days I could tell the difference in my body, my breathing, my moving, and my activities. For the first 11 months I did not tell my doctor what I was doing because I did not know what he would say about the electric cigarette. I did not know if he would be for it or against it. So I just did not tell him. After about 5 months of him listening to my lungs and me not having to go into the hospital he was getting suspicious and kept asking me what I was doing and I just kept saying nothing different. Then finally after 11 months he demanded to know what was going on because it had been almost a year since I had been in the hospital for any infection due to COPD. And I just pulled out my little cigarette and said ƒ??I QUIT SMOKING 11 MONTHS AGOƒ? and his jaw hit the floor. Because he had be harping on me for years to quit but he had no idea what my electric cigarette was and I had to explain it to him. Is there something harmful in the liquid that is in these e-cigs? I donƒ??t know! Is there harmful things in cigarettes? YES!!! Has this improved my way of living? YES!!! Did cigarettes almost kill me? YES!! Am I better off with the e-cig? YES!! Which one is better? I donƒ??t know! Which one is more harmful? Unknown! I do know most of the things they put in cigarettes and it is scary to think of all the things we have put into our bodies all these years. You all make food companies put ingredientƒ??s on the packaging why not make cigarette companies put there ingredientƒ??s on their packs? Just a thought. This is just my story. And how e-cigs have changed my life for the better. And how I hope with all my heart that nothing happens to make them go off the market. So please do the right thing for us and let us VAPE ON!