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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking on or about the time I was 18 years old. It really wasn’t a surprise since I grew up in a smoking household, my father, and all four of my brothers smoked. The only person in my family that didn’t at that time was my mother but later found that she was a smoker and quit. During my childhood, many car trips found me in the back seat begging my father to please roll down the window, the smoke was choking me and there was no air. I vowed at ten that I would never smoke, but that commitment failed me at 18. Two things were very much apparent to me; smoking was a ƒ??goodƒ? thing, well at least all the TV commercials for Marlboroƒ??s and Camelƒ??s sure made it look as if it was and my father who only had 1 full lung and ?¬ of the other due to Tuberculosis was smoking non-filtered cigarettes. Every little girl adores her father and so it began for me. Fast forward to my late 20ƒ??s and early 30ƒ??s, by this time it was scientifically evident that smoking was a health risk, but when you are hooked itƒ??s difficult to make that decision to quit. I did quit for 9 months while pregnant with my first child at the age of 28, but at that time you could smoke in the hospital. Within moments of returning to my room, I asked my Dad for a cigarette. Four years later, my second child was born and the only difference, you couldnƒ??t smoke in the hospital any longer so I had to wait three days for my fix. I recall the nights as a child when I listened to my Dad cough in the night, and it frightened me. It was even more frightening as I aged and he would choke/cough/hack what seemed like forever, then light up another cigarette. I finally convinced him to try the ƒ??patchƒ? and he did, smoking while he was wearing it. It was a horrible time in my life but I never related it to ƒ??myƒ? smoking. Surge into a more recent past, I remarried and moved to a small town in Nebraska. My husband and I both were smokers, however, he doubled me in the amount he smoked. I hear those same sounds from him, that I use to hear from my Dad. The wheezing breath, the choking cough, but again never relating it to me. Then a miracle came into my life, my first and only grandchild. The most beautiful creature that ever existed, but I still smoked. Then as she got a little older, the questions,ƒ? Gramma can you please quit smoking?ƒ? ƒ??Gramma, I really wish you didnƒ??t smoke.ƒ? I babysat my granddaughter while her mother worked and went to college, and even my daughter (a smoker at the time) would complain about the stench of stale cigarette smell on the childƒ??s clothes, hair and blankets. At one point, I finally had enough but knew I needed help. I tried herbal remedies which only caused me to break out with an exceptional skin reaction which costs an enormous amount of money to curtail. I attempted ƒ??cold turkeyƒ? which only lasted four months as my husband was still a ƒ??smokestack.ƒ? I had seen some information on an e-cigarette called Njoy, and convinced my husband that we should try. So we bought these little $85.00 products and I really did try, him, not so much. I knew he wasnƒ??t as there was no way one battery could possibly last a week, when I was recharging my two continually throughout the day. It finally got to be too much, the little packs of 10 cartridges costs the same amount as a carton of generic cigarettes so we both went back to smoking. My husband also tried Chantix at one time ƒ?? and yes it DID change his personality and NOT for the better! And he didnƒ??t quit either. Then one morning it began, the cough. I began hacking and choking just like I had heard so many years ago, now I couldnƒ??t ignore it ƒ?? I had to do something. My daughterƒ??s boyfriend had been using an e-cigarette he had purchased on the internet and had been using it for about six months. So I decided to check them out, and found that now you could get liquid to refill and it was much cheaper to do so. I ordered my first cigalike kit and it arrived at my door on August 30, 2012. On that day I smoke my last tobacco cigarette and have never had any desire or need to revisit tobacco cigarettes. Prior to vaping, I was on a daily dose of Blood Pressure medication which has now been eradicated. I can smell ƒ?? I can taste ƒ?? I donƒ??t get winded going up and down stairs. I can take deep breaths without coughing. My lungs are clear for the first time in 40+ years and I am so thankful that this technology was there for me before it was too late. I have now ventured into making my own juices for my personal use and found some delivery systems which work better for me. At the beginning, I was using 18mg nicotine liquids but have reduced that now to 12mg. I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary of quitting tobacco cigarettes and will probably be lowering my nicotine level even more in the coming months. This has been a godsend for me and my family and the community of Vaping has grown tremendously. The people are so helpful and the gadgets get fancier, but for me even if I never reach that 0mg nicotine nirvana, that I am in a healthier place than I would have been had it not been for the e-cigarette.