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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Karyyl Senior Systems Software Engineer Grandmother, vaper I’ve been a smoker for 35+ years. Beginning about 10 years after I began smoking, I started trying to quit. I have tried patches many times, cold turkey many times, wellbutrin, hypnosis, support groups and classes. The support-group method once worked for a 5-year period, but stress and family members who were smokers eventually got to me. No other methods have lasted more than a week. In recent years I’ve been wheezing and being afraid of strenuous exercise because I can get to where I can’t catch my breath. I was feeling hopeless because I really need the mental clarity I get from nicotine, the calmness I get from smoking, and the sense of reward, but my breathing was starting to get frightening. I told my daughter that I could tell I was going to be a smoker until I die. Probably prematurely. She suggested ƒ??Why don’t you just give up tar?ƒ? So more than a year ago I started investigating electronic cigarettes, and started trying them. After the first 9 months, I had cut from ~24 cigarettes a day to ~7, ACCIDENTALLY. My breathing has improved noticeably, but not super-significantly. I have stopped wheezing in bed at night. In order to get to that point, I had to experiment with many different flavors and devices, and keep up with device improvements. I do not believe I would be smoking less than 15 cigarettes a day if I were limited to the devices available even last year, or the flavors I tried first. I tried to quit smoking this January, and succeeded for a month before I fell back to 2-4 cigarettes a day. Technically, that makes me a ‘dual user’ ƒ?? but if the 2-4 I smoke a day is so importantly bad, why is not the 20 a day I DON’T smoke importantly good? I will continue trying to quit smoking, but for now, the WORST case is I smoke 4 in a day, the usual case is 2-3 in a day, and I have hope that repeated attempts or product improvements will finally let me stamp out smoking in my life entirely. I am not even remotely tempted to have a 5th cigarette in a day. This is a huge historic change for me. I spend most of my time not even slightly tempted. And I’m getting compliments on my skin, eyes, aroma, breathing, stamina, etc.