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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking when I was 17 during the summer. I had smoked before but it wasn’t a regular thing till then. I shot up to between half a pack and one and a half a packs per day so about a pack a day on average. the weekends were always worse of coarse. I heard about electronic cigarettes when I was 18 but I had no interest of quiting at the time. I smoked till I was about 2 months away from my 20th birthday and I had been smoking a pack a day for almost 3 years at that point and it wasn’t good. I had black mucos coming up every 10 minutes I had to have a spitter for my lung tar. also I couldn’t taste anything but smoke and I had fuzz on the back of my toungue. it was also very hard to breath and I was having chest pains for a few months at that point. and of coarse I spent all my money on them it was hard to maintain a job with all the problems I was having. I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided I wanted to quit and I did my research. I remembered electronic cigarettes and researched them as well. I found that almost everyone who tried them had success. so I begged my mom to help me purchase one at the local shop and I went a solid 7 weeks with no cigarettes and no cravings and all my problems subsided 🙂 . I started smoking again the next week though :(. BUT. I was only smoking 2 everyday and it was mostly cause all my friends still smoked. I was at 2-5 cigarettes per day and using the e-cig at the same time for about 6 months. I finally broke free and I haven’t had a cigarette in 7 weeks as of 7/29/2013 🙂 and have NO intention to ever go back. a lot of my friends still smoke while im with them and im happy with my electronic cigarrete. ive been using it for about 9 months straight same flavor the whole time (coumarin pipe tobacco). I started with the CE7 kit with is a manual button push battery and a tank which holds about 1.6 ml of liquid. enough to get me through a day. after I broke the tank a few months later oops I got a MOD. its the vamo V2 its pretty big but it has lot of features and I think its part of the reason I was able to finally fully quit cause the other devises didn’t satisfy my enough to keep off the cigs. I use 2.0% nicotine at 4.0 volts with a 2.0 ohm cartomizer that goes inside a tank that holds about 4ml of liquid so I only have to fill it once every 2 days. I take a vape about once an hour and it consists of about 4-6 puffs per vape. I hope I provided enough here I really hope these things stick around cause they saved me and ive helped some friends do the same