About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I was a 37 year smoker, starting at the age of 13. By 18 I was a full pack a day smoker, which lasted for the next 32 years. I always realized that smoking was a bad habit, but once hooked could never put cigarettes away for long. Over the years I tried nicotine patches and gum a half dozen times, Wellbutrin several times, and my companyƒ??s assistance program for smoking cessation coaching, but never succeeded for more than a month, and each quit attempt was more an exercise in frustration than an honest feeling that I was going to reach my goal. Patches did not provide a quick-enough nicotine boost to come close to replicating smoking ƒ?? I would end up smoking while using them. Gum was an equal failure. Wellbutrin essentially made me feel like I wasnƒ??t quite myself, really had little positive impact on smoking, even combined with patches. The purely psychological hand-mouth action of smoking, and inhaling something, with relatively quick nicotine effect, was deeply ingrained as being a stress-reducer; none of the quitting methods I tried replicated this. My doctor was always encouraging me to quit. Although my health remained good through the years, I could tell that I was starting to pay the price, decreased lung capacity. The only standard option that I avoided was Chantix. My doctor said that she would provide a prescription for it if I wanted to try it, but early reports were already coming in about the side effects experienced by some. I fortunately did not take that route, as later reports showed even worse effects than the initial chatter. Summer 2010 NY introduced a new cigarette tax increase. While reading articles about it I saw a reader comment about electronic cigarettes. I researched this for about a week, and then ordered a first personal vaporizer (PV, e-cigarette); I wasnƒ??t looking at it as a way to stop, but just to cut down a little, and something that I might use in places where I could not smoke. This first PV, used in late June 2010, didnƒ??t quite cut it for me, the equipment setup wasnƒ??t quite right, nicotine delivery not quite good enough, but I did see the possibility, recognized that I really was cutting down significantly. Early July 2010 I ordered a second PV, after researching significantly more on the Electronic Cigarette Forum (ECF). I smoked my last pack of cigarettes the first week after receiving the new gear. Through being active on ECF, I learned that my cravings, especially early on, could be helped by adjusting the nicotine strength of the eliquids I used. As a full strength cigarette smoker (Camel non-filters, then Marlboro reds the last 10 years), I would typically vape 24 mg/ml strength eliquid, several ml per day (the nicotine absorbed from PV eliquid is a fraction of the starting strength in the eliquid); I learned that higher strength (30 and 36 mg/ml) liquid, just at particular times like after first waking up, could get me over those brief more intense urges. July 2010 was when I truly stopped smoking. I have been using PV ever since, no burning tobacco products. Over the last 2-1/2 years the equipment available has improved, and I have gradually cut my nicotine levels, though frankly have no intent of stopping vaping at this point. I enjoy the effects of nicotine, at my present reduced intake level, and have actually ended up cutting my coffee consumption significantly (using nicotine rather than caffeine). My lung function has gotten back to where I hoped it would be; in tests this past year my O2 level was solidly high, and spirometer testing showed significantly above average results across the board. My sense of smell and taste has noticeably improved, and general health (frequency of colds, etc.) is likewise better. I strongly urge that others be provided the opportunity that I have had, using innovative nicotine replacement products such as PV or snus for extended periods, at high enough dosages to actually work. Particularly early on, switching from smoking took higher, quick acting, doses, since PV do not contain the carbon monoxide and MAOIs found in burning tobacco products (which contribute to the initial ƒ??rushƒ? and duration of nicotine effects). While I have been smoke-free for 3 years, the hand-mouth action, and short-lasting but real boost of my current reduced nicotine eliquids, are something I still deeply enjoy, just that now I do not have the very negative effects from smoking.