About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked 2 packs a day for 40 yrs. I tried to quit several times using gum and patches but they didnƒ??t work. Then I tried a disposable ecig and never touched another cigarette after that and that was 2 ?« yrs ago. Iƒ??ve since upgraded to mods. About a week after using the ecig my morning coughing up of phlegm stopped. I can breath easier, smell and taste better and I donƒ??t smell like a stinking ashtray. My family and friends and even my doctor are very happy for me for quitting the cigarettes. Switching to ecigs has really changed my life both mentally and physically. I feel so much better physically because I have my breath back and mentally because I know Iƒ??m not getting all those thousands of added chemicals that cause cancer. Ecigs is the best thing to happen to me. Sure Iƒ??m still addicted to nicotine but Iƒ??ve reduced my level almost in half. Iƒ??m addicted to caffeine and nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine. I don’t see any bans or new regulations on caffeine. The only reason ecigs is getting so much negative attention is because of the lack of tax dollars and loss of big tobacco and pharmaceutical profits. The FDA doesnƒ??t give a rip about our health, because if they did they would be supporting us. Dollars talk and we donƒ??t have as much money as big tobacco or the pharmaceuticals to stuff in their pockets. All we have is a plea for some common sense and do what is right. Do your job. Think about the publicƒ??s health instead of your wallets.