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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Jasson Riddle, and I am now finally an ex-smoker thanks to the electronic cigarette and advanced personal vaporizers. I started smoking at the young age of 15, and by the age of 18 when I was finally able to provide them for myself, my occasional social smoking habit turned in to a pack a day habit that lasted for 17 years. That was up until 3 years ago when I was introduced to e-cigarettes by father, a two pack a day smoker for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, he and his Girlfriend didnt stick with it because they didnt know there are other ways to obtain the cartridges and liquids other than the expensive starter company they signed up with, but for me it became an obsession because I was tired of many of the issues that come with smoking…the cost, smell, and most important, the loss of breath trying to play with my kids. I knew I had found something that would work for me. I have tried smokeless tobacco, which replaced one set of problems and dangers with another….didnt work. Tried patches and lozenges…both worked for the first day but the urge to have a cigarette was too strong, and I found myself even smoking with the patch on, which is a serious risk that I found out later after talking to my doctor. After that conversation with my doctor, he suggested I try the pills, so he gave me a started pack of Chantix to see if it would work for me. I tried it, and after reading the side effects, and realizing the first day it wasnt working, I stopped taking them. There was always something missing. I actually enjoyed smoking, especially in the mornings with my coffee, and after dinner. So maybe deep down I didnt really want to stop, even though I knew I needed to. While visiting with my father, his girlfriend gave me one of their spare cig-a-like batteries to use along with a menthol cartridge that they would never use. We were there for four hours, and I realized I never once had a craving for a real cigarette. The occasional puff or two from the e-cigarette completely satisfied my cravings. I ordered my first kit two days later, but not from the same company they used. I found mine after doing a good bit of research and finding the E-Cigarette-Forum. Finding that forum opened up all kinds of options for me, different brands, types, and mods (larger battery tubes for longer use). I wish I could say I quit smoking and started vaping the day I received my kit, but it didn’t work that way. I can say that I stopped smoking that night, and it lasted for SIX MONTHS straight without a single cigarette, which was a very positive sign to me! Vaping became my main source of nicotine for the following year, but I was still smoking about a pack to two packs of cigarettes a month. Certain circumstances and occasional comments from peers made the switch hard, but I finally told myself enough that what I was doing was a good thing, and realised the jokes and comments were from lack of understanding, as most had never seen or heard of e-cigarettes. At that point, I decided to do more research and to start talking to people I met about them when asked. Some switched, others are more set in their ways. But my switch became permanent. December 29, 2013 will be my four year vapiversary! I have now been smoke free (and even classified as a nonsmoker by my doctor and health insurance) for two years now! I never thought I could get away from cigarettes! Some may argue that I have just switched one habit for another, and that may be so. But I am no longer inhaling unknown chemicals, tar, and any carcinogens. I have been mixing my own e-liquid for 2 years now, so I know what is in my liquid and what is going in to my lungs. And having the ability to mix my own, also gave me the ability to slowly step down my nicotine strength, but also have some stronger when times are tough to keep me from going back to smoking (really is just mental….a false security blanket from all the years of smoking). When I started vaping, I was at 36mg/ml strength e-liquid. I am now down to 12mg/ml and on my way to be completely off nicotine, if I so choose. But then again, as I stated earlier, I actually enjoy the act of smoking. So though I personally may not quit all together, in four years I cant count how many fellow vapers I have seen make it to that milestone. Life is all about choice. And turning to vaping is one that I will NEVER regret. I can breath better, I smell better, and I am all around healthier (Water is my main drink of choice now….never knew how good it tasted with my taste buds constantly covered with the coating left behind by cigarettes). The electronic cigarette was a life changer for me, and one I am thankful to have found. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hear my story. Sincerely, Jasson B. Riddle (UA72Riddle forum nickname), Griffin, GA